Art of Glow – Create variety of glow artworks

[App] Art of Glow

Art of Glow  Art of Glow will make you feel more relax, fun, and easy to create variety of glow artworks!

Art of Glow is elegantly designed with the high flexibility adjustments, vivid glow colors, and many options.

What can ‘Art Of Glow’ do?
Glow/light paintings.
Twinkle stars.
Animated text arts.
And much more with unlimited settings + your imaginations.


High details graphics.
Colorful (ANIMATED) Glow Particles.
Smooth and fun to play.
Unlimited styles of particles settings.
Support All Android Devices.
Support Multitasking.

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Art of Glow user reviews :

I think it would be cool to upload your pictures in it, and make designs on your personal pictures, and be able to save them and print them off that would be cool but other than that this is a good app it is relaxing

Perfect,I think that this is a wonderful game and people who said there are no eraser you are wrong on the bottom right hand corner there is a when ch click it and then click clear.Also for me there is almost none ads so if you were the people who said it’s glichy and has many ads and no eraser your wrong and you better get your act together or pay attention

This game is very nice,the only thing that I do not see is the eraser,it is frustrating to see glow over and over again,but over all this was a fun game with cool and nice art

This game is amazing. It made my mom happy,I only used the fully random colors and the hearts and she loved it.i suggest that this games creator make another game like this.

Took me half a minute to realize which way to turn setting bars for what effect but after that its ADDICTIVE!!!

I love this app! make option to draw on custom pic & vid, so it can be used to outline something.

picture of discharge two stars because it’s kind of good but also its be kind of bad I hate it it’s just aren’t that glows and also I hate it creators you’re watching is this is not even worth of making a game called Charlie Charlie

Its very good but can you update the app so I can get the full version of the app i really want the full version

Sometimes the things become random and streched. Its pretty cool but its a teensy bit creepy

I don’t recommend this app unless you want to have a big mess on your phone screen. JK!!! I love this app.

It has like no ads and I love it i play with the shapes to realxe its very nice

This is amazing! I changed the size and shape and color, and it is beautiful! Keep up the good work!

Love this app it helps at night cuz im scared at the dark so i found this at my cousins phone so i installed it and makes my nap really good thanks to this app …it really helps

This game could be fun but it’s not to my liking as it was so annoying ,(there could be some good Improvements)

When I was a child I was playing this only and I like it very much thank you for this game it is very nice I can tell it is why very much good it’s very very very very good please try it it’s very good game I love the art of glow and it and it makes me happy it’s very nice please try it thank you for this game I like it very much I love this game I cannot tell how I can explain you it’s very nice and good and amazing it’s everything it makes me happy and happy and happy it is very good

Not at all what I was expecting but if yall live them patterned lights then this is for you

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