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[App] Avatarify – AI Face Animator

AvatarifyBring any photo to life with Avatarify App!

It’s simple:
1. Choose a photo from your gallery
2. Pick a music track from our large collection
3. Share a magical singing portrait with your friends and surprise them!

Millions of users across the planet use Avatarify to prank their friends, to blow up social networks or to nostalgia over old photographs. It’s time for you to have some fun, too!

If you know how to improve Avatarify, please contact us: hello[at]avatarify.ai

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Avatarify user reviews :

they only give 3days free after which you pay on top of that the exported video comes with a floating watermark which is very annoying… but can’t complain much it gets the job of animating the face done, still trying the other features I am particularly interested in making the face say anything I want hope that feature is in here because you asked me to review just after I tried one template

I really wanted to make roblox faces on food sing,that’s why I downloaded this app. If you are annoyed with waiting a whole day to get three more things to make your picture move,just uninstall the game and then install it again.

I was gonna wait 24 hours for another try, after 10 tries it said “you’ve reach the limit” means that I can not make videos anymore and there was no timer to make one. on the bottom it said “get pro so you can create videos infinitely” but it’s too expensive. but it was fun while it lasted, I will give this a 2 stars.

Can only work with a few songs and photos which they chose in advance. Can’t upload my photos and songs.

The reason why I gave this a one star because the is a bug where when I make a mistake on putting the wrong image an press go back to catalog that video is not saved but the game says it saved when I make two songs with the correct image and the video that I did not save is that video with the wrong image pls fix this

This is AMAZING! This is so good for making tiktoks or YouTube shorts. The person who convinced me to download this by watching their tutorial is @PBOfriends on youtube! One problem is that I can’t get the premium and i can’t make more. This is frustrating. Please update this app and make it free to everyone! Buuuuut I’ll be fine with making like 3 or 5 a day. Get it? Still love the app. Keep it up!

I love it, However, you have a limit of 24 hours if you use 3 edits, it’s cool and funny, but I want to make 20 more edits, I’ll give this 4 stars

It’s a very good app but I didn’t give it five stars because you only get 3vids a day and if you want to get more you have to get the pro version that costs like £35 per year or something and some of us don’t have that much money to spare for an app you wouldn’t use that often so if it made everything more accessable I would give it five stars

So funny and works rlly well! I love making memes with this

it’s alright, could have a search bar.

App is perfect but i dont know how to search

it is great but 1 major thing let’s it down this is 3 per day and 10 uses only

Only has a free 10 song limit. Otherwise, you must pay for Pro version.

I like it. it’s good but I’m the main problem is you can’t add your own audio track

This app is so good and I always laugh also we have to wait like 24 h but I always just delete it and download it again lol

This app is great but I also want an option where am the one voicing my image

This app made me so emotional, my heart stopped beating, my breath started getting slower by minute and my eyes started getting blurry from the amount of serotonin this app provided me with. You should definitely try this app, it can single-handedly define and create the cure for deppression.

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