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Sticking to new habits or breaking old ones can be overwhelming and stressful. How about making it a fun experience? Yes, you’ve read it right. No more exhausting streaks, self-restrictions, and unreachable goals. Avocation is your offline habit tracker that will accompany you on your way to a better version of yourself. Our goal is to show you that it is all about small things that only take a few minutes of your time throughout the day. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Have a look at what we prepared for you.

Keep up with new habits with the habit tracker:

Achieve your biggest dreams, goals, and new year’s resolutions! Create your habits and organize your daily routine plans. Habits are visualized in circles to give you a quick overview of your to-do list. Create your own daily agenda. Customize habit colors, icons, and routines. Need a reminder? Never forget your daily goals again! Schedule an individual notification for each habit and get a habit reminder every day. All set up? Tap the habit circle after completing it and view your progress. You are fabulous!

See your improvements with our goal tracker

Track your progress with Avocation: complete habits and view the statistics screen to get your daily and weekly progress overview. It is simple and intuitive: progress is represented by a water bottle that fills up with every tap of habit circles. Forgot to tap a habit yesterday even though it was completed? Don’t worry, your statistics are safe. With our time travel feature, you can return one day back and make sure all completed habits are marked.

Grow with Avocation: complete your first habit and start growing your baby plant. However, plants need water: the plant will not grow if your statistics bottle is empty!

Learn about habit development and productivity tips

Have a look at the collection of short and enjoyable lessons about habits that we created for you. You will discover the science behind habit formation and development, learn how to analyze and prioritize your goals, set your mind on smart, efficient changes, and much more. Our Avocoach will assist you along the way.

Your free account is waiting for you, no registration needed! Unlimited access to lessons, up to 5 habits, time travel, custom reminders, and much more! We are constantly working on new features. If you feel like becoming a habit pro or simply enjoy our app, you can support the development by subscribing to our membership. We offer you more custom habit colors, unlimited habits, unlimited reminders, and bonus karma points:)

We designed Avocation with a passion to create a unique and enjoyable experience for you. We are looking forward to your ideas and feedback and working hard on making the app better. Drop us a line hello[at]avocation.app

Terms of use: avocation.app/terms

Avocation user reviews :

i really love this app! but i am kind of sad that you have to pay premium for for than 5 habits, more than 3 color choices for icons, etc. other than that, its a really cute, fun, and aesthetic app for starting and tracking habits. i love how you can also set reminders for any time of day, for example you could set a reminder to drink water at multiple times a day. i find it hard to get a mood tracking app that looks visually appealing.

Overall great app, but has a few drawbacks. It’s simple, clean, and easy to understand. I’d love to be able to view more of my history. Also would love to be able to make goals weekly or monthly… Seems like the only option is daily or on certain days. I’m sure this will come with development, but I would love the “homework” section to be more interactive rather than just written content i.e. I could take notes/do the brainstorming in the lesson. Also tracking progress there would be helpful.

It’s super simple and straightforward, and the little plant growing was super cute. Just check the icon of the goal you met, and you’re done. It only shows your current week goals. It doesn’t actually show you a count or streak, you cant look back on previous weeks, and you cant add a day retroactively if you forgot. This app does nothing else, no ability to make notes or any other type of journaling, which is ultimately what I was searching for in a goal tracking app.

  • Hello! Thank you very much for your feedback! To log habits retroactively you can tap the little clock at the top of the screen, it will bring you back to the previous day :) We are already working on adding more statistics to the app to give you an overview about what you already achieved!

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