Axon – Prove your intelligence

[Game] Axon – Challenge Your Brain

Axon  Play Axon and get those mental juices flowing and prove your intelligence!

Color cells in a grid according to the numbers along the edges to complete the picture logic puzzles. Test how smart you are in this unique multicolor Picross game. Unlock and master new levels by using logic, speed, and skill to solve thousands of stimulating puzzles.

Your brain will relish the challenge of playing Axon. Level-up to smash high scores and take on your friends – and the world! Over 10,000 puzzles and counting – you’ll never play the same game twice!

Mentally challenging but extremely rewarding:

Exciting gameplay bricks including ice, rotating puzzle and bombs
Collect and upgrade puzzles for renewed challenges
Play with the sound on for an extra-sensory experience

Demonstrate your mental prowess:

Outsmart your friends and rivals worldwide
Track your progress and develop your brain
Over 10,000 puzzles – a new experience each time you play!

Get ready for the smartest, most mentally stimulating puzzle game around!

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Axon user reviews :

My game updated and no longer brings up the treasure grid. Been stuck on “coming soon” for months so now there’s no point to playing.

Great spin in Picross games. Will done!

the only part i dislike is if you reach top level your score stops.

Wow! I love BigPoint for Farmerama. And rest I’m exploring. How to say it in? Ich wais night.

Downloaded this about a month ago and all was good, apart from the last week or so. I have won 4 legendary packs and all 4 times, I go back on the app and it has disappeared only to have a silver one there instead. Not happy about this at all, please solve the issue

Fun picross like puzzles with some added challenges. Its cool how you unlock puzzles through earned packs. I’m titan level by the way.

Scoring is infuriating – 4-12 pts for a win, but minus 23-35 pts for a loss. Also scoring is not based on logically figuring out the puzzle, but mostly on speed, regardless of errors.

Bugs are annoying. False indications make high level timed levels close to impossible.

This game helps me to focus especially when my mind starts drifting during PTSD moments.

Have the developers given up on this? No updates and FAQ missing! Shame if they have

Reinstalled. What comes after the titan level.
  • Bigpoint
  • Hello Bev Rus, We’re sad you uninstalled the game. Is it because the game became too hard? We would love to hear your feedback. You contact us directly on our Facebook page : ! Thank you

Sadly no saved data when porting to a new device

It would have five stars on everything if the packs didn’t take so long to open even with the thirty minute skips

network error :( it was great but the grid stopped working.. will it be back?

Amazing fun can not put it down !!!

I wish you would unlock things quicker but other than that it’s great

Love. Love. Love. The only game i ever pay to play. Wish the achievements would function. But I’m hooked.

Fun twist on the game! Entertaining and challenging.

Some boards have become impossible to play! Even on some that have not been upgraded, I can no longer score enough points to pass the board! Is there a glitch in the game? Used to love this game, but it has become very frustrating and I may stop playing if it is not fixed! And the bonus points for not using the bonus power have disappeared, why? That should be brought back.
  • Bigpoint
  • Hello Liana! In order to win those difficult puzzles, you have to use the bonus power (now you get its points when you use it), and collect the bonus points and multipliers. We hope you’ll succeed with these information!

My powers aren’t working properly and crashing the game. I can usually use the first 2 but the third freezes the game and I’m unable to get enough points to win the game

Great game for puzzle lovers. Also appreciate the fact that this game doesn’t force you to spend money. You can progress as a Free to Play. Refreshing considering the majority of other games force you to spend cash. I would donate money purely because this game isn’t made as a pure cash grabber or profit maker

Took a little while to work out how to navigate my way around. Once I worked that out it’s been extremely addictive!

A good game when it works… unfortunately, more often than not, the loading screen gets stuck about 1/3 of the way along and won’t load further. Other than that, it’s an interesting variation on the picross genre.
  • Bigpoint
  • Hello, Sometimes, you have to wait that the game loads a bit longer than usual… We’re working on this problem, sorry for the inconvenience.

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