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B100X  What is B100X?

B100X is an “auto dungeon RPG” that you can easily enjoy during your free time.
This game was created with the concept of “making hack-and-slash accessible to everyone.”
With “Full Auto Battle” and “Anything Synthesis System”, both easy operation and complicated capture are compatible.
There is also an automatic lap function, so you can enjoy it even during matching of competitive games.

Seal the Eternal Cave
In the world before the birth of mankind, the heavens were dominated by God and the earth was dominated by demons.
The player becomes a “witness” who assists the apostle “Holly” of God, and challenges the seal of the “Eternal Magic Cave”, which is a terrifying monster’s nest.
What is a demon? What is God’s true purpose? What is the relationship between the Holly Apostles and humans?

How to play
Create play data.
Choose a dungeon and a target floor and start your adventure!
The battle is completely automatic.
Use experience points, junk, and drop items to strengthen Holly!
Aim for the deepest part of the “Eternal Cave”.

There is also a PC/iOS version.

Official site
Change log
User support

B100X user reviews :

Purely and simply,i love it!It’s simple and minimalistic in graphics,but the gameplay and the upgrading system of the character and items it’s advanced.The only down side would be,if you die and lose all health,you lose your equipment (even the equipped one).All in all,a very good game that keeps you immersed and engaged to it.Amazing job develeoper/developers!

Pros: – simple and easy to learn – lots of content – easy to run on most devices – balanced progression system, never feel underpowered and never feel overpowered (as long as you’re mixing your gear frequently) Cons: – very RNG heavy at times – bad english / dialogue not put together well. Overall rating: 4.5/5 If the english is fixed, I will change my rating to 5 stars. Great job, I almost never like mobile games but I will continue playing this one!

so far, it has a very in depth item enhancement and status effect system, auto combat is either a plus or minus, up to you, in app purchases aren’t shoved down your throat and while generic, it has another one of those angel and God cliche stories. Personally the gameplay is good enough to overlook the minor grammar mistakes. Try it out if you like rpgs in general, you’ll probably enjoy it

It keeps you always wanting new equipment and leveling up. There are some translation problems but it’s nothing terrible. After a while, it gets repetitive

OhNussy is one of the best devs! I love(d) buriedbornes. I have not played too far, but it looks simple enough. Maybe a little too simple, but that can not be entirely true, right? I’d say ‘pretty good idle game’, but it is actually better than I would admit, better than pbly 99% of idle games. The art style is very good, and while the translation is not great, I still quite enjoy the texts, and that is saying more than I can express for a mobile auto playing game. Great work

First review I write. Don’t be fooled by the screenshots, it’s actually a really interesting, indepth and oddly relaxing game. Great for just a tiny moment playes that still feel rewarding and progressing.

Being a long-time Buriedbornes player, I’ve had a bar for mobile games that just couldn’t be matched. Go figure, it’s the same creator that gave me the only other game I’ve found that’s on the same level. Beautifully done — using Buriedbornes as a skeleton really worked, and this game takes it in a while other direction that just feels like evolution. Thank you for another game that won’t ever leave my phone

Fun ,,, repetitive battles, but cool item system. I like creating powerful gear with complete freedom. Overall nice game.

Good game, and solid premise. The grammar is a bit janky however. You also end up grinding the same stuff for a good while

It’s actually a lot of fun, and kudos for being developed by one talented person! Could you maybe help make the inventory system a little easier to manage? Then I’d be happy to give it 5 stars! I figured out most of the inventory system, so 5 star it is!

Overall a really well made game. Any complaints are very minor. This game doesn’t force feed you ads constantly which is such a rare experience the days. I support this developer!

Very well done. I had my doubts but just when I start to think I’ll take a break I find a new mix to do and a requirement to meet. Thank you for another awesome game!

Love the game but Holly’s animation is lack whenever i tap her she doesn’t move but still makes a facial expression, she only moves if i tap the options, anyways nice game…

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