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BackgammonBackgammon – Lord of the Board! The best online board game!
If you LOVE playing free backgammon 24/7 online, you’ve come to the right place!
Download the Best Backgammon app on Android for free and play classic backgammon online with friends or other backgammon players!

Even if you are a complete Backgammon beginner, not yet familiar with Backgammon setup or even if you don’t know how to play Backgammon altogether – Here you can learn how to play Backgammon online. Play free online multiplayer Backgammon table games and become a true Backgammon master!

Join the best Backgammon players around the world in playing the ultimate online table game! Learn how to play live backgammon, master the full backgammon strategy, and become the Backgammon king! Enjoy a true vintage table game experience with classic backgammon sets, game dice and gameplay.

Roll the dice and Play free online Backgammon with friends!

Lord of the Board backgammon is the best table game for two players. You can play free online classic board games with friends and compete for a Backgammon championship! Chat with other dice game fans around the world in one of the best multiplayer backgammon online games!

Facebook Backgammon! Now you can compete with your Facebook friends online playing a classic backgammon game! Invite and play online backgammon games with friends.

Roll the dice and Play backgammon for free! Participate in live backgammon tournaments and become a backgammon legend.

Download this free Backgammon app and get your welcome bonus! Compete in challenging online classic board games with top live backgammon players and impress them with your professional backgammon strategy! Come back every day to participate in backgammon tournaments, challenges, dice online quests and more!

While some may call it Nardi or Trictrac, others call it Tavla or shesh besh or tawla, yet the rules of backgammon are all the same and the fun is universal. Beginner backgammon player or Backgammon champion, all will enjoy the BEST free Backgammon online game!

Become the Backgammon champion and master the full backgammon strategy

Play free backgammon online and master this game of dice, play online multiplayer board games with friends, earn coins and make your way to the top! Enjoy our one-on-one gameplay and multiplayer backgammon online games. Unlock new and exciting content as you progress within the classic backgammon table game.

professional online backgammon game – Built by Pros
Lord of the Board backgammon is brought to you by Beach Bum, the creators of some of the leading online social games out there, including Spades Royale and Gin Rummy Stars! Enjoy incredible features such as:

Exciting Graphics
Easy Enjoyable Gameplay
Playful Chat Options
Live Backgammon Tournaments
Player Statistics Profiles
Unique Competitive Leaderboards
Lots of Free Bonuses, Rings, Trophies, Prizes & More!

Classic Backgammon online – Lord of the Board is the most competitive and addicting multiplayer table game of dice out there! Play against other backgammon masters in one of the best online table games!

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This game is intended for adults and does not offer real money gambling or any opportunities to win real money or prizes. Success within this game does not imply future success at real money gambling.

Backgammon user reviews :

The amount of ads in unbearable. I start the game, and get 4-5, sometimes 6-7 ads. Then comes an ad, which has no close button. Fortunately my tablet has an extra button because the “no thanks” actually starts the ad video, which cannot be stopped. As for the game, I am pretty sure they are adding playing bots. And some of the time they beat you with 5 doubles on the dice. It can piss you up really bad. Anyways, it seems like they are not playing fair games. If you are the ragequit type of player, you might not want to play this one.

Some roll sequences are unbelievable, and nigh on impossible. It often seems that one player is advantaged over the other, like an equaliser. One would expect to start half the time, not consistently lose the roll. When a piece is exposed in some games it is hit every time. It seems that the better players get the adverse rolls. As we play for fun, that adds to the challenge.

  • I’m sorry that you feel this way,Roger Simmons. We keep our game fair for every one of our players equally by implementing an RNG system. Our developers created a sophisticated RNG technology which is approved by the WBGF (World Backgammon Federation) The outcome of the game is based on luck and skill only! Great day and good luck!

Overall, the interface is ok. However, there are lots of pop up ads, and the game isn’t fair at all. The so-called “advanced” RNG system isn’t reliable, especially when it gives your opponent 4 consecutive doubles which leads to a decisive victory; hence you end up losing a well played game+your coins. Overall, if you don’t purchase any of their products, your chances to collect coins and win games remain very low. Don’t bother to install. There are other more reliable backgammon games.

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