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Badlanders  The open beta test of Badlanders starts today!

Badlanders, Welcome.

Here, upon the ruins of a once-great civilization, scavengers fight for treasure and glory.
The Red Beach Sanctuary once housed the world’s most advanced weapon tech but, in the face of natural disasters, became a beacon for the preservation of science and technology for all mankind. However, it was short-lived as war broke out and the preservation plan collapsed.
The only things left on that bloody beach are massive ruins, competing scavengers, and endless opportunities… Gear up and get ready to enter the hot zone of riches and danger.

Escaping is All That Matters
25 badlanders, each with their own objective enter the battlefield. Take enemies head-on to strip them of their loot or slowly build up an arsenal from chests scattered across the map. But don’t get too distracted, finding valuable loot and getting it out in one piece is what you came here for!

Loot, Shoot, and Gamble on Life and Death
Enjoy the adrenaline rush of intense encounters? This battlefield is for you! Whether you’re armed to the teeth enjoying a battle advantage, or just relying on a knife in the hopes of catching someone off guard and stealing their gear, war is always the fastest way to wealth. Here, some become rich overnight while others lose it all.

Enhance Gear, Build up an Arsenal
How to increase your chances of survival to obtain more loot? Enhancing your gear may be a good idea. Weapons, armor, grenades… All enhancements can be brought into the battlefield. But beware, the greater your gear, the more you’ll attract the attention of other badlanders eager to take it off your hands.

Real Weapons, Assembled Your Way
Many of the ultra-realistic firearms have several accessories and attachments, some of which even support customizations. Experience the extreme freedom of firearm modifications!

Open Market, Open Economy
As a seller, you are free to sell loot you got from the battlefield, you could even choose to play the role of a merchant, reselling items for a profit. As a buyer, you can purchase more powerful gear to give you an advantage in the battlefield, allowing you in turn to get even more loot. Even microtransaction items can be resold for the marked price.

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Badlanders user reviews :

This is a good Tarkov like game, and the only one with this style on mobile I’ve seen so far. But there are a few problems which explain the 4 and 5 stars. As of now, I’m uninstalling it because: 1. Matchmaking takes forever, especially on FPP which is what I prefer. 2. The ping is too high since I’m playing from SA and the only available server for me to play on is the NA server. (I get ~90ms and that’s unplayable for me) If these things get fixed in the future, I’ll be happy to be back.

I love this game. Most games would give you weapons that you have to use, and others can just buy ridiculous gear to beat everyone. Here, everyone has an equal opportunity to get to a good level. The looting and taking the supplies out safely is quite exciting, and there is always the fear of an enemy lurking right around the corner. I have failed a couple of times and building up my arsenal again is rewarding in a way. Hopefully more games come out similar to this.

The so far is great, I really enjoyed playing it but it has a couple of issues. The main issue is matchmaking. The queues can reach 10 minutes without finding a game, which is terrible.. It’s easier for me to just go play another game than wait all this time for a single match. Also inside the game people can easily choose to loot and leave, loot is too much that people avoid fights, I suggest making the loot less and more players in a game for fights to be more often.

An amazing game!!!! Don’t let the negative comments stir you away from this game. It just got released a few days ago. Give it some time. Lots of potential but will need some adjustments Hope you change the loot system. Cause if this is a pay to win type of game, you’re gonna lose a lot of players. Make it so we don’t lose everything once we die. Keep us on the hook a bit more. The money is on skins and cool updates every season. Not a pay to win right out of the gate.

Good so far, same graphics as most other battle royal games on mobile. Same exact premise as Escape from Tarkov, or Vigor. Go into an area, loot, and escape. If you die, you lose all loot you have gathered, along with anything you brought with you. Upgrade your guns, equipment and home base when not on a mission, using the materials you gathered from other missions.

Completely love this game. There is always room for improvement. Since this game is still in its beta. I am so excited to see its full version. Its great. Absolutely great. Graphics are great. I haven’t got any bots till now. I have issue with audio. But i hope they will improve it. Otherwise i am in love with this game. Great work!!

This game is good, but not enough. The sounds of steps is very bad, its hard to understand where is enemy. I hope you will remove TPP, or at least add FPP. Also need to be added peeking in left, right Optimization is not so good. I hope this game will be more looks like EFT, and not PUBG. For example add bleeding, stamina, overweight, HP to the each part of body. But game still playable

The game is excellent, anyone who’s played (escape from tarkov) would know this game and it’s very fun but there’s 1 problem and that is when you are being shot at the screen freezes/lags, and then you’re dead by the time it’s back to normal. I don’t think the problem is with my phone, I’m using black-shark 2.

Latest Update :

The new PvP map, Prism Center, will debut in Season 7 titled Secret of the Prism. Visit the new Shop on the map to check out a random selection of Gold Quality Materials or search for the equipment of your dreams at the R&D Center! You will notice an increase in difficulty to evacuate, and you must acquire a special item to take home the loot. Are you ready to take on higher risks for greater rewards?

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