BangBang Survivor – Protect humanity and rebuild the Earth

[Game] BangBang Survivor

BangBang SurvivorZombies are COMING! FIRE!!!

You can enjoy the fun of hack and slash, roguelike shooting and casual playing in one game!

Try it and claim the exclusive Gun Skin, a zombie riffle!

BangBang Survivor is a Roguelike shooting game with unique graphic style. The story is set in a future era where a natural disaster sweeps the Earth, causing a rapid spread of biochemical infections and unleashing hordes of zombies.

By that time, natural resources are scarce, and civilization are severely damaged. To protect humanity and rebuild the Earth, players will take on the role of an outstanding commander, utilizing various skills to fend off endless zombie attacks and defend our territory.

Game Features
Devastating Firearms, Sweep Away Enemies
It’s time to unleash the true power of your firearms! Every shot will bring down hordes of enemies!

Free Skill Combinations
Equipped with various unique skills and strategically combine them to unleash unrivalled combat power!

Customized Development
It’s all free for you to create a unique combat style and crafting a hero exclusive to you!

Exclusive Customized Skin
From stylish character skins to powerful firearms, craft your exclusive style and be the highly acclaimed hero!

Casual and Relaxed Gameplay
Effortlessly played with one hand, easily sweep through enemies, and enjoy the game’s fun!

Fighting Side by Side with Friends
Team up with your friends to cooperate and conquer strong enemies, or compete with players worldwide to win rewards and glory!

BangBang Survivor user reviews :

It starts easy but along the way gets exponentially harder, forcing you to buy in-game items. Also, some powers behave strangely and you don’t have a saying on how the attacks occur, so you cannot switch targets or attack efficiently. In a way, this is just another idle game with a huge griding level with very minimal interaction from the user

Update: The game’s a cash grab that keeps you reliant on spending by rendering builds pointless. Your core abilities operate in match based on a percentage chance mechanic. They reinforce this by making unlocking core abilities mandatory, since it adds to a crit multiplier. There’s no feature to toggle core abilities inactive, making it a strong-arm approach to force players to shoot themselves in the foot. Not to mention difficulty scaling is quick to heavily punish F2p’ers, to incite spending.

  • Hello, thank you for your support of our game! If you encounter problems while playing, you can contact us via in-game Customer Service (click Avatar-Settings – Customer Service), we will try our best to address the issues for you, hope you enjoy the game!

They need to change the other power up options, I’ve been playing for a few days now and I’ve noticed that assult rifle is the only worth it upgrade option it’s quite frankly has better output, CD, and duration compared to the others Armored Vehicle in particular is utter garbage, and although some of the other options have a good output it falls greatly short on duration and CD that it’s basically pointless especially compared to the Assult Rifles upgrades

  • Hello, thank you for your support of our game! If you encounter problems while playing, you can contact us via in-game Customer Service (click Avatar-Settings – Customer Service), we will try our best to address the issues for you, hope you enjoy the game!

decent game , needs some polish. as far as I can tell (correct me if I’m wrong) there is no way to access an options menu when you’re in a battle. Secondly, the basic gun seems by far the best. Hopefully upcoming patches will improve this. I really appreciate that the ads are optional and not totally in your face.

so far so good. This is a different spin on a defence shooter. while I love the in game mechanics, there is a bit lacking in the control department. I would like to see players be able to control the direction of the gun and give more freedom to letting the player decide where to shoot instead of having it decided for them.

game wise is good. but I think the rng is really killing it. only 4 slots for skills where are lots of skill options to decide. may consider to provide players with a option to fix the 4 combos they want to use and upgrade as the game progresses. 10 over shots just to kill 1 monster. my godness

  • Hi, thank you for your support. Feel free to contact us via game-setting-user center if encounter any game problems. We will make every effort to address the issue for you. Wish you a happy gaming!

one of the best games I have played in a long time. however the main thing I would like to see implemented is a endless mode horde fight that gets tougher the farther you go. also have your stamina increase you level up so you can play more missions as you get a higher level.

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