Baseball Tycoon – You are the one who gonna create baseball legend

[Game] Baseball Tycoon

Baseball TycoonWelcome you become the GM of a new-eatablished baseball club.
Gonna join a new group,how do you feel?
Are you ready for customer?

Rich gameplay, dazzling facilities, different styles of player heroes, creative competitive competitions, let you experience the thrill of a club manager!
You are the one who gonna create baseball legend

Venue operation

let’s make your personal promotion to attract more client!
You ‘ll get more courses and more training facilities.
Come on and design the unique club by your style!

Team operations

You’ll be invited to build your own professional baseball team to compete for the championship
Recruiting your hero,platooning, training and upgrading, and developing tactic.Try to unleash their potential.
Build your stadium, invite fans cheers up for you.

Competitive competition

Quick battle, straight ball duel!
Make a plan for your commuting, fragmented time.Enjoy baseball time when you are aviliable.
Automatic competition, help you win the competition even you’re not good at competitive game at past.

Crafting workshops

Collect raw materials and graphics to create a variety of baseball equipment.
You can either fully arm your players to improve your team’s ability, or you can complete a designated order to bring income to the club.

King of collectibles

With over 100 types of visitors, the customer is God, do you understand everyone’s interests and love?
Over 100 club facilities, classes and buildings, use them to build your baseball empire!
Over 80 professional baseball heroes, each with their own strengths, whether they’re working at the club or being the key players in the game!
More than 200 kinds of various props, raw materials, equipment, to satisfy the heart of any king of collectibles!

Social interaction

Get your friends along and compete on the court!
Follow the leaderboards that are updated in real time.
See who is the real NO.1 baseball club! !

Win everyone’s support with outstanding performance, build the world’s strongest baseball club, and dominate the baseball world!
Use your own hands to create the legend age of baseball clubs!!

Baseball Tycoon user reviews :

If you’re looking for a baseball game then you may want to look elsewhere, this game has very little to do with baseball. For example: you can hit a home run and NOT score, a lot! I would give this game a five star but the lagging is awful and some of my purchases like the dog or the trash robot don’t do much of anything, there needs to be a way to upgrade them. Also, a quick unequip button would be great and fix the issue with the area upgrading, often I have to push selections multiple times.

A really good game crushed by quality of life monetization. You pay monthly to rent an item to pick up the cash you earned while playing haha. On top of that you have to have players to get the buildings to work and those are purchased with real money. It isn’t great. A building should work if I upgrade it and no one wants to spend hours scrolling around clicking money to pick it up.

  • We are very sorry for your bad experience, we will actively take comments and improve! If you have any questions, please send an email to our email support[at], we will be happy to solve it for you!

The game was going good. Decent storyline. Scroll Sensitivity is a bit too much and the buildings can be a bit more organized. Probably to have a bit more of ‘zoom out’. Too many buttons on the screen and hardly a few that are useful. The screen is too chaotic. Could be a lot better. Also, I logged in today and found that all my progress is gone. Uninstalled now, hopefully in the future the updates are better.

  • I am very sorry for this bad experience. Please send your Google username and game ID to our email support[at], we will solve the problem as soon as possible!

I really liked the game, a great game to pass the time. Sure it has some bugs but when I’m writing this it’s still like ver. 0.3.8 or something. A few suggestions, can the baseball park perk be turn on and off. And can you just like swipe the money to pick it up. Just minor things, can live without it but would be nice. Keep doing great work, thanks.

  • Thank you very much for your suggestions, we will actively take comments and improve! If you have any questions, please send an email to our email support[at], we will be happy to solve it for you!

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