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Battery MonitorBattery Monitor : Monitor your Battery status with Statistics, Charts and beautiful Widgets!

With Battery Monitor you can control your Battery status, here are some features:

– Fuel Widget
– Circle Widget, with big numbers
– Neon Gauge Widget
– Alarms and Notifications
– Battery indicator on the notification bar
– General and Weekly Statistics
– Charts
– Simple and neat interface
– Support for Tablets and Android ICS 4

A Pro version is available with plenty of Widgets personalizations, lots of settings and no ads.

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Battery Monitor user reviews:

Works well and doesn’t drain your battery near as much as other battery monitors/widgets, but it does drain it slightly faster than if you didn’t have one installed at all. Around an average 5% per hour extra. Other than that, it does its job and has some nice features. Worth checking out Battery Monitor if you need such an app.

I love how it tells you.. well everything about the battery. How long until its done charging, if the battery is too hot, how much time u have in sleep mode until your phone dies. It’s really nice and easy to understand

I dl this for transformer prime, and it is working fine. I like how this app show so much useful info about the battery usage.

Found very useful that I can see an estimation of how long charging the battery will take. Unfortunately the discharge estimation maxes on >20h.

Like it. Really usefull and helpfull. You guys should have it too ;-)

Does what it should. I also haven’t noticed it having any extra drain on battery but gives me a widget with an exact number on my battery drain. Do wish it had some ICS looking Widgets and notifications, but it’s a little early in the game to be too picky about that. Also, the free version causes the app to open once a day, but I actually kind of like that. It’s interesting to read the usage charts at the end of the day when I plug it in.

Battery Monitor it`s an excellent app. Does what is claims to do. Unfortunately it only goes up to 20 hours for battery estimated. Improve that flaw for 5 stars.

Good app. It would be nice if the chart was more detailed…like if you could zoom in minute by minute or so to see if other apps are drawing juice….. such as when you download alot apps to check them out for a couple of days. I have another app “battery info” which gives a very precise chart– minute by minute–without much juice draw.However, it lacks the features of this app. If a better chart is implemented this would be perfect 5stars.. Thx for being free though.

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