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[App] Battery Monitor Widget

Battery MonitorBattery Monitor Widget is free! The PRO version only removes Ads !!!

With Battery Monitor Widget you can control your Battery status, here are some features:

Fuel Widget
Circle Widget, with big numbers
Neon Gauge Widget
Alarms and Notifications, to help saving battery
Battery indicator on the notification bar (can be removed from the Android settings)
General and Weekly Statistics
Charts, to monitor your battery drains
Simple and neat interface
Support for Tablets and Android 10

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Battery Monitor user reviews :

Fabulous app! Press & hold the icon to access widgets and you find several choices for type of battery gauge to use, which can then be modified for size, color, font, etc. One style includes weather info, but I haven’t tried it. Open the app to find more info than you could ever want to know about your battery. So glad I found it to replace the much loved battery app that Motorola/Lenovo stupidly took away from its (former) buyers.

this is so convenient and useful great for when my phone was unreliable in charging and I could easily see when the charger had connected as the widget turned blue on charge buuut…..I won’t be installing it on my new phone cos of how annoying it is that the app opens a screen when you start charging the device – and there is no way to turn that off if I am playing a game and worried about losing power, the last thing I need is an app to launch into a diagnostic page as I turn plug in!

The widget keeps vanishing from its place and there’s just a placemaker in its position. Also it didn’t really keep up with the power levels, for instance my battery was 56 the widget showed 75 and only when tapping showed the accurate levels. In the end I uninstalled it. Too bad coz I like a more visible power gauge on my display. Still good effort please keep troubleshooting the glitches.

Great app. just don’t pay for it. The pay version would go invisible after a day or two, prompting a reinstall. I could use the free version, but there is the daily pop-up that only makes me angry that I bought it. Also, I keep getting warnings that this app is using a lot of power on standby. I would rather have more battery power over knowing how much I have. I am uninstalling both.

Although this app gives you the information you need, the apps widget doesn’t always update. So when you look at the widget information, it show different percentage to the phones own battery info.

Technically it works but it is ugly and inconvenient. Some of the headers are misplaced and don’t actually five you the information that they state. Like on three widget it says “Time” as in time left on the battery but displays nothing. Very basic, not very refined. Pretty crappy. Feels very cheap and like it was made by teenagers high on weed.

I first got it to test out and it has become a keeper. I recently wiped out my home launcher and missed the widget immediately. There’s more functionality than I probably use. Even with ads, they’re unintrusive. I’m surprised they’re willing to remove for a review.

This app shows the battery percentage at the top of the screen in a font size that is visible to me. I like that because battery level is easily viewed at a glance. Other widgets I tried required opening the widget. I also find the provided stats useful.

I would’ve given it 5 stars. Its a good app, my only problem with it is that whenever I plug the charger this app automatically opens and there is no option to deactivate that. It is disruptive. I don’t want the app to open everytime I plug the charger. Please add an option to stop that.

After the update, app is crashing & I can’t see the app in the notification bar. Tried to tick/untick show app in the notification bar but still can’t see it. Kindly fix it! Edit: Thanks so much. I really appreciate it!

  • Hi Jesse, I apologize for the issues, please download the latest update.

This app is perfect for my home screen because it’s fits perfectly, and clearly gives me the battery’s status which my Android (Galaxy S9) really does not. The battery indicator is so small on my home screen that I might as well not have it. This is pro style and story cool.

Customizable widgets. You can set it to display temperature, time remaining, or % battery remaining. Plus there are different cosmetic options as well. Notifications are customizable, too. Recommended.

Useful. A preset warning about charging level reached at (say) 80% would be a welcome feature. I try to avoid fully charging the battery as this puts a strain on it and shortens its life.

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