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Be The KingThe Imperial Court is on the brink of collapse. Selfish officials have forgotten their oath and plunder what they can. Fight corruption and see if you have what it takes to make the right decisions as you judge the destiny of those accused of crime.

Start your journey as a freshly appointed magistrate. Determined to bring prosperity back to the people.

You will not be alone in your quest to restore order to the empire. New friends are eager to join your cause and lend you their services. Expand your coffers and raise your troops to defeat familiar foes and unexpected adversaries.


Recruit & Upgrade Retainers
No one man can do it alone. Recruit retainers with unique abilities to help you on your journey. Great generals, fearless warriors, and brilliant advisers are ready to join your cause. Upgrade them to help you overcome the many enemies and challenges.

Cherish Confidants
As you prestige, you will attract many beautiful ladies; perhaps even those of other lands. Cherish them for what they offer is more than meets the eye.

Fortify Alliances
Join an alliance or build your own, the choice is yours. Unite with your friends to take on others in the battle for supremacy. Work together to unlock Alliance-only perks such as unique buildings, boss fights and more…

Raise Offspring
Raise your children and nourish their talents. Establish your dynasty by arranging marriages with other players.

Establish Trade
Trade with the other ancient kingdoms of the Orient and make a fortune. Beware! The oceans are treacherous and others are looking to do the same.

Study in Academy
Brush up on your study of the arts. Your dedication to poetry and the arts may earn you the honorary yellow jacket.

Much more…

This is your destiny. Be the King and may your wisdom bring prosperity to the Empire.

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Be The King user reviews :

Starts quick, but slows down just as quick. Constant gaming is required to see any progress. Not all functions are readily visible; but can be found by clicking “Go To” on their quests. Still, graphics are good and the music is okay. Would be nice to have other Chinese-style music cycling through game play.

It is a program designed to get you to spend money while providing no real gameplay. It is unstable, constantly crashes and all you do is navigate unintuitive menus. “Combat” is auto-resolved by clicking. This is not a game, it is a cynical and hollow experience pretending to be one. With its current build I couldn’t go 5 minutes, literally, without it freezing or crashung to the load screen.

  • Hi, my Lord! Please try the following step. If it not help, please email us: betheking[at] 1. Clear some unnecessary files on your device and restart the device. 2. Clear some unnecessary documents to make more room for the game. 3. Reinstall the game. 4. Switch the network. (4G/Wi-Fi)

It’s a typical game really and requires quite a bit of time to progress which is overall fine. This is a free game where buying in-game benefits you tremendously…(but you need to spend a lot to compete…to each their own). Playing through without playing will take longer but not necessarily holds you back. Overall a free game that might as well be bought for a dollar from the play store since it’s more aimed to those willing to spend.

Fun gameplay, but the design needs work. So many buttons important to the game are in the way of my Pixel phone’s navigation buttons. A lot of buttons on the bottom row are in the same location as my home button, so I can’t press on the without hitting basic navigation buttons. It’s a frustrating design flaw, which I hope they improve.

I would like to point out that for everyone who is confused as to why they lost all of their progress, make sure that you are on the right server. Often, when you reenter the game, you get defaulted into the newest server. Just make sure to change that back to the one that you had the progress in. Please like so everyone can see this

a fun game if micro managing is your thing. what is mildly annoying is the difficulty spikes. you have to win by numbers, not skill,which historically speaking, innacurate. general management of the heroes are fun but too much of a set it and forget it and should be more hands on. furthermore, although an interesting twist, having eastern and Western heroes in a Chinese environment seems a little off without more historic tactics.

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