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BeenovelBeenovel, an interesting reading app, has provided attractive native English novels. Download our APP and have fun! Our simple outlook and display interface will give you a special reading experience.

Beenovel—Pickup novels of various genres

Native Novels Provided
Novels in various genres like Romance, YA, Sci-Fi, Triller, Forbidden Love, Fantasy, Werewolf, Ancient Love, Vampire & Suspense, etc. No matter which novel you like, there will always be the one in your favor.

Novels Updating Daily
Beenovel keeps updating regularly so that you will get the latest released novels. You can read the novels you like at any time, anywhere.

Careful Notification
Beenovel kindly sends notifications for you to continue your reading journey and to ensure that you won’t miss the upcoming chapters or forget the chapters you’ve read before.

Customize Your Library
Pickup novels you like and add them to the library so that you can find them and continue reading easily. Beenovel will also send personalized recommendations for you according to your favorite genres. Start your reading journey.

Beenovel user reviews :

I like the stories and I am reading it continuously and even buying coins. So, this is very expensive. My additional concern here is on how Beenovel count the read chapters when the readers unlock batch chapters. I have been unlocking bulk chapters but I have not reached the supposedly number of chapters to be finished before using again coins available. Please be fair to your readers. Also, kindly provide additional bonus points. Thanks

I used to love this app but since the change i dont enjoy reading anymore. I uninstalled all other reading apps because they changed ad times inbetween. If i have to wait 5 min between ads to look i never will do all ads.

I would like to provide a suggestion that please do provide ads for unlocking/reading the chapters other than using only coins to unlock the chapter, so that more chapters can be read rather than just 4-5 chapters daily with free coins. Other than this the reading experience is OK. Thank u.

I used to love this app, but since the change and the cost of each chapter is crazy, waiting 5 minutes to wach ads for free coins have changed and they dont even give all 8 free ads, they need to chane it back before you start losing customers.

its a good app but its a little expensive to buy coins and also some times they don’t give you all coins after watching videos they say 8times but at times they juss give you 5 chances to watch videos to get coins but other than that its a good app and have intresting novels

It’s the best reading novel ever… I really enjoy it, especially the romantic books… I really love it… I alsi recommend it to friends… It’s really the best of best… So please keep up with the good work and put in the latest books… So we can read more… This novel really give me peace aspecially when i have a really long hardworking… It remove all the stress of a day… So please give more and more… I really really love this reading novel… So thumbs up… You are the bestest….

The stories are great they get u hooked but u do not get enough points to reach a chapter with 1 video than I have to wait 5 mins for the the next one need more ways to earn points but I overall great app

Likes to read but it’s very expensive. I think Beenovel should reduce the rate from thirteen points to 5 points per chapter. Otherwise give more points its time consuming for getting freebies .

Today was my first download and i was actually enjoying it. I did 3 recharges as well. I was thinking of recommending it to my friends,i definately won’t . 1. Most completed books have like 2000 chapters 2. Each chapter is nearly 13 or 15 coins. I reacharged 2000 rs plus and have not read 1/15 of the book so if i were to read multiple books i would need what’s 10-15 k rs for each. I’m not sure in beenovel understands that the price should be country wise. It is insane amount of money for 1 book

what a great great app this is. I enjoy the selection of their books a lot. I’ve been using it for the past 3 years now

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