Bid Wars 3 – Feel the rush of making strategic bids in storage auctions

[Game] Bid Wars 3 – Auction Tycoon

Bid Wars 3Do you have what it takes to succeed in the thrilling world of storage auctions and become a pawn shop treasure tycoon?

Feel the rush of making strategic bids in storage auctions just like on TV, as you hunt for valuable treasures in auctions all over the world! Every new dusty storage unit is an opportunity to uncover hidden gems that can be sold for a hefty profit. Bid against the top treasure hunters and use your keen sense of strategy to outsmart your competitors, secure the best deals, collect treasures and build your pawn shop and treasure hunt legacy in this city building and negotiation game journey!

Feel The Thrill Of The Bid

To succeed in the tough world of storage auctions and pawn shop negotiation game shenanigans, you will need to be savvy and strategic. Carefully assess the value of items and determine how much you are willing to bid. You will also need to keep an eye on your competitors and be ready to make quick decisions when the opportunity arises in this business simulator! Only the savviest and strategy loving tycoons will be able to navigate the complex world of storage auctions and come out on top to build their empire in thus tycoon simulator!

Build Your Business Empire

Winning the most treasure-packed storage units in auctions is just the beginning of your journey in this business simulator negotiation game! Run your very own pawn shop to sell rare items at a huge profit and raise your net worth to millionaire status! Invest your earnings to expand your business empire in town and build your own gallery to display your proud rare item collections to other players all over the world! Become the ultimate city building and collection tycoon simulator player in the treasure hunt world of storage auctions and realize your city building dreams!

Become An Accomplished Treasure Hunter

Treasure hunt and collect all kinds of rare and unique items as you continue to explore the world of storage auctions! As well as being sold for huge sums of cash, these incredible finds can be added to your personal collection and showcased in your own online gallery, making you the envy of other players for your treasure hunting feats! With each successful bid and sale, you’ll inch closer to your dream of becoming a true storage auction tycoon simulator player in this millionaire pawn shop business simulator strategy and city building 3D game!

Play The TV Show!

Experience the exciting lives of real-life storage auction treasure hunters and prove your own bidding, negotiating and bargaining skills in the comfort of your mobile device of choice! Do you have what it takes to be successful in the storage auction treasure hunting business and get rich like your favorite TV show personalities? The size of your negotiation game business empire and rare items collection will be your best proof of skill!

Experience Bid Wars like never before with awesome 3D game visuals that will let you examine every detail of the incredible and rare items you’ll discover and collect in storage auctions! You’ll also have the opportunity to test your bidding skills in different auction styles in this business simulator and treasure hunt journey. Will you risk your collection and everything in your strategy for a chance of big rare items wins in blind auctions? Or are Dutch auctions more your thing, in which the first person to make a bid wins? Be ready for new and exciting twists at every corner in your treasure hunting journey across the world in this tycoon simulator! Join the ranks of the most successful tycoons in the world of storage auctions and build your millionaire business empire!

Make the bold bid that will start your treasure hunt and pawn shop business empire now in this awesome 3D game adventure filled with rare items! Become a treasure tycoon, collect the most valuable treasures and dominate the exciting world of storage auctions in this incredible millionaire business simulator!

Bid Wars 3 user reviews :

I really enjoy this game!I love the fact that there are no pop up ads but you can watch them to speed your progress or keep playing when you run low on energy. However, when checking items before the auction starts, it rarely ever checks what you click. I have to click multiple times and the time usually runs out before I can check much of anything.also, the harder auctions are a waste of money. it never let’s you get the unit at a decent price. You will ALWAYS end up paying more then it’s worth

I am absolutely loving the game. I would like to see some future collections with vehicles as its currently lacking of this. I would also like to see an interactive menu or chat in which players can interact with one another . One thing that needs a mega improvement is that when you put an item in the pawn shop you can remove it incase you were to change your mind. There has been many cases in which I accidentally put a collectible item that I think I won’t need and later on I end up needing it.

Enjoyable game, however camera view controls are broken on main map. Accidentally put two fingers on the screen the same time and the viewing angle of the town changes to some weird angle and you can’t turn it back unless you restart. Also why do you use promotional images of game content that does not exist in-game? Looks drastically different compared to what’s actually in-game, althought the in-game content doesn’t look too bad either. I wish you would add shadows though. For better graphics.

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