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[Game] Bimi Boo Car Games for Kids

Bimi Boo Car

Car games for kids by Bimi Boo is a blend of learning puzzles and thrilling racing.

Toddlers will be able to choose one of 36 amazing vehicles to drive in various locations. Girls and boys will encounter different tasks to solve on their way. There are 144 puzzles for kids ages 2 to 5 in this toddler game.

Our learning games were developed with the help of experts in the field of child education. Our baby games develop creativity, logic and fine motor skills.


144 puzzles for toddlers ages 2 to 5.
36 cars for baby to ride – from racing car to airplanes.
Kids puzzle games without ads.
6 exciting car racing spots for both girls and boys.
Car games for toddlers run perfectly without active internet connection.
Learning games for kids that keep your privacy – COPPA and GDPR compliant.
One racing location with 8 levels is free to play.

Car games for kids was developed by Bimi Boo. Our toddler games have no ads and can be played without Wi-Fi. Our learning apps are suitable for both boys and girls ages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Our educational apps can be a part of kindergarten and preschool education. We are always glad to receive your feedback.

Bimi Boo Car user reviews :

My little one loves the bimi boo games, they love this car game and switching between outfits and rideable vehicles. The puzzles are so cute.

  • Thank you so much for this review! It sounds really motivating for us!

Took a little while for him to understand the concept of moving the plane or car up and down to get the ice cream cones and special circles that make you “grow”, speed up, or become magnetized. A good step up in concepts. Now that he is almost 4 he totally understand and really likes it a lot. He enjoys the changing of vehicles. Can’t wait to see what willcom out of the box!

  • Thanks for sharing your experience with us! We are so happy that your child likes our application!

The other games we have from this company are great and provide a lot of variety but I spent $8 on this one (I purchased one segment and then decided to get the whole game which did not subtract the segment I’d already paid for) and every single mini game is the same thing! The little game images made me think it would have different activities but no, everything is the same driving/flying/bouncing game play. VERY disappointed, especially having spent so much!

  • Thank you for the feedback. Please be advised that tasks are different in every level as well as transport type.

3 year old struggles with it. One of the only ones from Bimi Boo I won’t spend money on, despite her loves for cars. She just doesn’t enjoy it.

  • Thank you for the review. Please kindly contact us via email to info[at] and provide us with more concrete information about your issue. We would surely love to help you.

My son loves the games. I’ve tried to purchase another “level” or the full version but every time I try it freezes. He’s very disappointed!

  • Dear Taylor, please be advised that you need to have an internet connection prior to app launch. Then, tap on the locked content and pass through standard purchase procedure. If the problem isn’t fixed this way, please provide us with details about your device model and OS version. You can email us at info[at]

Cute. Son got bored towards the end of the level and needed to purchase the 2nd level. He chose not to.

I LOVE this game, was challenging for me, and educational. It was like the Preschool experience I never had. 10/10.

Well. My girl loves it. But it is simple. Exact same controls and dynamics. Every Map. Every minigame.

  • Thank you for the review. The game is created for the little ones.

Amazing. Habeto pay for most games but the free game is so good my 3 year old loves it

  • Thanks for sharing your experience with us! We are so happy that your child likes our application!

my 2-year-old loves the game, keeps her entertained for hours. absolutely love it

  • Thank you for the review and for sharing your rating with us!

Good game, the graphics are awesome, full of colors, my 2 almost 3 years kid likes it

My 3 year old grandson loves all the Bimi Boo games. Great learning and lots of fun. Very colorful!

it’s great and fun for kids but we can’t go to the next level like Halloween and… why!?

  • Dear Customer, Thank you for your review. Could you please specify what you did not enjoy about the application and give us suggestions for future improvements? Every opinion is important for us! Kind regards, Bimi Boo Kids Team

I love it! it is the perfect game of the season. cars, and walking,and planes! oh my!

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