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[Game] BlitZ Rise of Heroes

BlitZ Rise of Heroes  A new mobile arena full of brave heroes has arrived!

Dive into an epic 3D fantasy RPG in BLITZ: Rise of Heroes! Summon your legendary warrior, battle for victory, and dominate your way to glory!


Fight in manual or auto 6v6 battles
Autobattler gameplay to play anywhere and anytime
Join the battle by pressing one button
Choose from 31 heroes divided by alliances, stats and classes
104 abilities and 4 unique talents (buffs, debuffs, dispels, and healing)
Upgrade your warriors and level up weapons
Train your squad of summoners
Accumulate resources even when you’re offline
Get free daily rewards, valuable resources and equipment
Explore locations, each with tricky enemies.

Become a hero!

Tap the Battle button and immerse yourself in hundreds of hours of epic stories. Enjoy fast-paced combat with thrilling special effects and rewarding damage points. Fight monsters and try to survive while looting valuable items to further increase your strength. Earn experience, learn new skills, and conquer the world of Asteria. BLITZ: Rise of Heroes is also an idle fantasy RPG with an auto-battle mode. Even if you’re offline, your heroes will still be fighting for you!

Challenge bosses!

Set up your team in 6v6 battles and watch your strategy unfold on the battlefield. The further you advance, the tougher the fights and the more valuable the rewards. Every RPG combat is an exciting idle duel! But there are no invincible enemies! Choosing the squad with the right skill set against the weaknesses of the bosses will help eliminate them! Crush the epic beasts for more loot, powerful gear, and glory!

Improve warriors!

There are dozens of ways to upgrade your battlers! Train recruits, level them up, acquire new or enhance skills, use only the best weapons, and get amazing gear. Sell or buy the warriors, or even remove duplicate heroes in the Heavenly Forge! Get fighters as a reward for victories or exchange them for more powerful warlords. Summon the greatest raiding squad ever seen! Put forth your best conquerors to battle the forces of darkness in this idle Blitz arena!

Upgrade weapons!

Get free armament from daily bonuses or as a reward after royale battles. Craft and forge deadly weapons, level them up, and upgrade their rarity. Equip your warriors with the best gear and become a master of sword crafting!

Form invincible squads!

Strategy is key to victory! Unlock legendary heroes and upgrade them nonstop to help your armies win the battles. Your squads can have up to 6 characters from different factions, each with unique features. Each warrior has a rare super attack that accumulates over time depending on the damage done. Craft schemes with other alliances and create unique synergies to overcome your opponents in each round!

Enjoy the adventure!

Discover the mysterious world of Asteria and travel through 13 locations with new challenges. Remove Miara’s curse in Rusty deserts, free the Misty Islands from the rebels, or protect Lamark from the fire Cultists. Help the prisoner from the Dungeon of the Gnawed Bones, clean up the dwarf quarries, and reveal the hidden knowledge in Sky Castle. Vanquish Alzekir, the jailer who loves to torture her prisoners, or defeat her master Cyrus, a fiery deity about to be reborn. Clash with hundreds of cursed monsters in dark dungeons to rise to glory!

Get rewards!

Log into the game every day to receive amazing rewards. Get gold to purchase new upgrades, find scrolls and hero spirits to summon new warriors, and gain hero experience to increase your stats.
Use strategies to boost your ranking and win the final prize!

Join the fight!

Dive into a fantasy world of the BLITZ: Rise of Heroes with turn-based battles and RPG elements! Enjoy the idle auto-play system. Explore an exciting story, collect all the invincible heroes, fight epic bosses, and become the true legend of the realm!

BlitZ Rise of Heroes user reviews :

Update: the more I play this, the more fun it is. Gorgeous graphics, nearly console quality. Rather bland story is covered up with presentation and flash. I’d recommend it though, it has some solid gameplay and kept my attention.

  • Hello, Thank you for your review. We are glad to know how Blitz: Rise of Heroes has interested you, and we are pleased that you can recommend it. We wish you a nice day ahead!

This game is was fun and very enjoyable when I need time to kill. This update that just happened, is ruining my experience. Game is super slow to load. After a fight and to get the rewards, it either takes forever to load or says I lost connection. I’m at my house with super fast wifi. This issue shouldn’t be happening. You have a bug or fatal flaw which I hope will be fixed soon. Otherwise it’s off to another game. This game is a two star until fixed.

  • Hello, Brandon! We are very sorry that you are experiencing a connection problem. Could you be so kind, and refer to us using the feedback form in the game settings and tell us about it in more detail? We will be glad to help you. Thanks in advance!

Great game with roughly beautiful character design. I’ve been playing for a month now and I really enjoy the game, it’s fun that you can play while doing other stuff. The recently added ads are really boring and there is essentially no need for purchases unless you’re a hard core gamer. I hope the developers can add a feature that counts how many treasure mazes you miss cause not everyone can login every three days, hence the 4 stars.

  • Hello Harrison! Thank you for your positive comments. We are glad to hear that you like playing Blitz! Contact us if you need our help!

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Bug fixes and performance improvements

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