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[Game] Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle  A classic block match game, no hesitation to join 5,000,000 players!

How to play:
1. Drag blocks to fill up the lines vertically or horizontally.
2. Try to remove multiple lines at a time to get a higher score.
3. Game over if no room for extra blocks.

1. Free to play
2. Suitable for all ages
3. Play Offline without WIFI
4. No move limit
5. Wonderful jewel and special effect

1. Utilize boosters to pass hard levels
2. Be clear about what the goal is in level mode

Are you ready to challenge? Let us be the master of the block puzzle and sharpen the brain together!

Block Puzzle games 2021 is completely free to play and in game coins can be won for free either. But extra purchase within Block Puzzle such as extra moves or boosters require payment with real money.

Please kindly contact us if have any question.

Email: blockpuzzle[at]

Block Puzzle user reviews :

This game is very good, it brings hours of fun! This game is also one of the first of its kind to use Tetris shapes as a puzzle including challenges. I would up my rating to five star except for one thing you better like commercials. If you want to build up on the necessary items needed to complete levels you need to watch commercials. The one thing that saves the game is commercials are short you can spend money but you shouldn’t have to.

There’s endless play even if you “die”, there are no pop ups, it does take you to a video once you lose but after about 5 seconds you can close it and go back to playing and with some of the videos you can close them as soon as it starts playing. If you are a fan of tetris and you want something to do that doesn’t involve a ton of thought and something to keep you busy, I recommend it. I very much enjoy playing this game.

Great game with far far too many annoying obtrusive ads that are rage inducing, making you wonder if people are that stupid. Some ads definitely cross the lines and if it continues I will uninstall the game. Hint ads do not work. I have a question, how many bonus levels do you have? I am on 351. Is the Update message really you? Advertising does not work. Some ads cause me to restart my phone! That’s right, the ads lock up! I’m no expert, I just don’t give up, over 400 now. I’m not buying….
  • Block Puzzle Jewel Games
  • Hi Jennifer Shearer, the content of ads is decided by the ads provider. Our team couldn’t change the content. And we need the ads to get the revenue to run the whole team. Thank you for your comprehension. If there is anything else we can do for you, don’t hesitate to let us know.
App still crashing on free spins! Whats with it randomly crashing every 5 mins? Been playing this a while now on advance levels and it just recently completely closes down. The only reason this is getting 2 star is because of the crashing constantly!ot just throws you back to your main screen and yes Ive purchaced it. No choice but to watch ads if you want to actually get anywhere its a joke! *Sort it out* if not for the crashes it’s an OK game.
  • Block Puzzle Jewel Games
  • We are sorry to know that you want to uninstall our game. Please accept our apology for the inconvenience caused by that. And you can see that we provide a way to remove all Popup and Banner Ads at a quite reasonable price. If you like this game but just the ads, please contact us at blockpuzzle[at] We will help you solve it soon.

Oh my goodness, beautiful game. Lots of eye candy, can play for hours! It’s a challenge and works your brain. Old game that was similar but a lot more boring just crashed; this one works well. If you don’t like ads turn off the Wi-Fi; you can play without it. Otherwise awesome game!

This is a pretty decent and addictive puzzle game (more puzzle than Tetris). My only complaint is there is no music. I don’t mind the ads (but they should look into Google Pass). I’d give 4 stars for music (if it’s good and not tacky). Why am i giving it 2 stars? Because my original review was deleted for some reason. I originally gave the game 3 stars.

Good – challenges quick placing of squares – sometimes overly so! Still enjoy this game; however, l had reached 900’s level and for some crazy reason my whole app got erased/ removed!! Have no idea what happened?! So l thought of ditching it but started all over again.

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