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Blood Moon Calling


Your comfortable life is shattered by the disappearance of your father and the spread of a mysterious scourge. While searching for a cure, a dangerous vampire lord steals you away for some unknown purpose and introduces you to a world of night. Mesmerized by Gothic castles, secret passages, and endless opulence, you fall further into the darkness.

Will you stop the scourge and find true love in the light, or pursue forbidden desires and take your place in the underworld? Choose wisely and uncover the intrigue of vampire aristocracy, the truth about your mysterious companions, and the secrets within yourself in this two-season romantic epic!


Cassius – The Town Doctor
“You trust too easily, girl. You don’t realize how dangerous I really am.”

Cassius is cold and pessimistic but quick to take charge of any situation. He may be a skilled physician, but he has absolutely no bedside manner. He refuses to open up to anyone, and you can’t help but wonder what made him become a doctor in the first place. Can you prove to Cassius he’s worthy of love, despite his past sins?

Raoul – The Devout Priest
“It doesn’t take much light to push away the shadows. With a little faith, we can cast the darkness aside.”

Your childhood friend and a well-respected priest. Kind and loyal, he sees the good in others and does his best to stand against injustice. Raoul has devoted his life to the church, but when his world begins to crumble, will your devotion be enough to hold it together?

Virgil – The Puppet Master
“I’d much rather tease you than answer difficult questions. You’re such a cute toy to play with, after all.”

The eccentric town puppet master who speaks in riddles. ‘King’ of orphans and misfits, Virgil views the world as a stage, and life is nothing but a performance. Can you see through his act and find the man hidden within?

Blood Moon Calling user reviews :

I’m really enjoying the story so far. The characters are wonderful and I can forgive some of the slightly more cringy lines (because let’s be honest we’re here for it haha!) My main issue which is why I give it 3 stars is the rubies. They’re very expensive for how many you need to make 1 decision. I’ve literally spent hours on the slots machine minigame only for it to now no longer work for me. I don’t mind spending a little cash but the choices should cost less rubies.

This is movie material!!! Never have I swooned over a character for so long after reading about or watching a movie. Aloysius is hot, not just physical, but the scenes; his words, and actions set you ablaze. For me, almost all the choices revolved around keeping the others as friends and chose this Vampire Lord. I must reread, and I’ve never reread any book. The music sets the mood. I just wish the characters had voices. The ending was a bit rushed, and could have had so much more involved

Thankfully the better choices cost rubies which could be acquired without the need to purchase them with real money so that’s something really nice unlike other games. The storyline is AMAZING, though some little times the character takes dumb decisions but she doesn’t do it much and all of the characters have depth unlike lots of otome games which is a big bonus. Not to mention how interesting the plot-twists are, especially the unexpected ones. My only complain is that it’s so addicting

Feels like a middle school girl’s wattpad fanfic. The chapters arent long and doesnt feel like its worth the tickets (which takes super slow to refill and doesnt stack more than 3, which means its baiting you to keep checking back and forth for a little bit of contents if you want to read, instead of e.g: reading a good chunk in ur leisure time). You can argue that its free, but when contents are so little yet far and few in between wait times, theres much better stuff to read.

I absolutely love this game, it’s probably the best interactive game you’ll ever play. The characters, the graphics, the plot, everything is just perfect except for the point system. The points system is absolutely frustrating and if you’re impatient, you’re gonna spend a lot of money on this game but if you wanna earn points, you’ll totally feel frustrated by the points system but hang in there. All the suffering and perseverance is totally worth it. I recommend it 100 best game ever.

I played some other otome games from this company but this one… it’s just perfect in every single way. The drawings are breathtaking, the subject is amazing, how this subject is being presented is literally addicting, and the characters are just perfect. I’m looking forward to season 2, well done!! I just finished playing the second season. Overall, it was really great. The only problem would be the way the story moves. I think in some parts, things happened real fast. Appreciate the hard work

Very well done! I absolutely love this game, the only downside is that the romantic options cost money but that is to be expected with these type games. Overall its got a great story, you get tickets every 2 hours so the wait time is good, there are no confusing mini game scenes that block your progress and there are some damn fine characters!10/10 would recommend

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