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Bonza JigsawFrom the makers of Bonza Word Puzzle. Bonza Jigsaw has taken apart the jigsaw formula, then reassembled it!

The result is a clean and elegant revamp of a timeless classic.

Solve jigsaw puzzles that feature stunning images from around the globe. Austrian alps, Canadian creatures, Danish dance and Brazilian beaches. Explore exotic regions and discover new cultures, embrace the diversity that makes our world unique and preserve the values that bring us together.

The portion control system serves pieces in small chunks, making puzzles easier to manage.

6 ways to play (Standard, Rotation, Blind, Patience, Mirror and Blitz).

Some puzzles are super simple and others are more challenging, find your perfect balance.

Featuring hundreds of puzzles from around the globe, level up to unlock new packs.

Collect golden regions and unlock special challenges.

New content updated every day, including a Daily Puzzle and a Daily Quiz.

Subscribers get a Bonus Daily Puzzle, a Bonus Daily Quiz and access to Daily Puzzle Archives.

Email: support[at]

Bonza Jigsaw user reviews :

I like the game, I think it is relaxing and the pictures are mostly beautiful. What is extremely annoying is the amount of adds. They appear after almost every puzzle, they don’t give rewards and one has to wait until finished to return to the game. I don’t mind watching adds for rewards as long as it is a choice or if I can cancel them, like the other Bonza games, but this is very annoying. If it does not change, I’ll delete the game.

Good concept, but difficult to put in place on a phone. May really be a tablet game. As you build the puzzle, the pieces get increasingly smaller and harder to see finer things on the pieces. Alternatively you can zoom in, but then you spend your time sliding the puzzle around and around and around looking for pieces off the screen. 1 start, but so close to 5.

At first I didn’t like the ads. I’ve tried it again and am really enjoying it. Seeing more pieces as you put the puzzle together is a unique way of working. Still 1 star thanks to all the ads. In fact I’ve uninstalled. Can’t do more than 1 puzzle without an ad. I reinstalled to try again but still get frustrated with all the ads. This is just a platform for ads. Even worse, I just paid for a new puzzle pack and I see adverts between EVERY puzzle. I won’t be paying for any more!!!!

Really like the puzzles but there are two major problems I have with this app. One is the background – the white and light gray checkerboard pattern makes some of the pieces very difficult to see. The other issue is the screen movement – trying to move puzzle pieces very often results in unintentionally moving the entire screen. Both these issues are very annoying. Until there are options to change backgrounds and lock the screen in place, I won’t be giving that 5th star.

Great idea and I’d say lovely execution, but I didn’t really get to play. The constant ads are too much. I solved a beginner puzzle in 10 seconds but then got hit with a 50 second ad and then got ads after every single remaining beginner puzzle. Gave it two stars instead of one because I scrolled through the menu and there seems to be lots of free packs.

please could you move the “show border” button onto the opposite side of the screen as everytime I try doing one of the challenges which has a time limit, I spend more time dealing with that button rather than being able to turn the pieces of the jigsaw round to fit into the puzzle. I’d give you 5/5 if you could do this one little thing and I’m probably not the only person with this problem. Thank you

I like the little capital quizzes, but it’s super easy and way too expensive to remove adds. theory banzai word game is much better.

SO. MANY. ADS. The game itself is fantastic. The puzzles are varied and the different puzzle modes make it challenging and fun. I’m deleting this app off my phone because of the amount of ads (at least one plays literally after EVERY ROUND) and I didn’t see a one time fee to clear the ads anywhere. very sad cause the game otherwise great

I loved this game, was good for a quick blast or playing for a while. However upon changing my phone I have found that no matter what I did my progress didn’t sync over to my new phone so all the time and effort has gone to waste and I’ll lost my level 30. I emailed the creators and they were excellent in helping with my issue. Thanks guys

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