Bowling Madness – Show off your skill

[Game] Bowling Madness

Bowling Madness

The newest addictive Bowling game action comes in 3D! Limitless Fun For FREE! Touching bowling to adjust position, and then roll the ball!

Powered by multiplayer mode lets you invite your friends or get matched against a random opponent!

Smooth and satisfying ball-rolling action!
1-VS-1 Mode : Real-time and speedy 1-VS-1 multiplayer match!
Touch control scheme perfect for mobile devices
Epic bonus rounds, multi-rewards!
Realistic physics and smooth response, Intuitive tap-and-swipe control!
Gorgeous Bowling Balls, Pins & Lanes to show off your skill, Look wonderful!

Different mode make gameplay of degrees higher!
Personal practice: Train your skills to get Level-up and gold coins.
1 VS 1 : Bowl against players around the world and become king of 3D bowling!
Championships:showed your skills to win the championships!
LAN competition: Interact with friends, constantly surprise! Connect WiFi with
your friends, create a room, click to join.

Are you up for the bowling challenge? Get ready for an epic bowling on the world NOW !
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Bowling Madness user reviews :

First thing first I can’t sign on via Facebook , it says not available or not compatible, there’s no relationship between the developers and Facebook so that’s annoying, the action of throwing the ball needs to be more fluid and flexed. I feel as if I’m playing my Atari the game where the block man swings on block vines the movement to throw and the ball rolling is too robotic seems tracked as if it’s tied to a line no sense of freedom

I’ve lost $2,000 coins already trying play in the Championship games but it disconnects me causing me to lose my coins. I’m about ready to uninstall it all together if I keep losing coins AND it won’t let me sign into Facebook so I can use my own picture. What’s up with that? Please fix the problem and return my coins.

I like everything about this game plus the different pretty scenes u can choose an no communication wit the bowlers is great an A+ game my opinion thank u bowling masters. I don’t c nothing y’all ought to change the challenge game is very very very awesome.

It did not give me coins when I won a match. The only thing that was good was the controls of the game. But other wise the game is VERY VERY TRASH.

  • Dear~Don’t worry. Our engineer has fixed the issue of adjusting the shop BALLS to match the corresponding EFFECTS and COINS. Please Upgrade to experience the latest version

The game is alright but I’m having problems wanting to watch Ads and I’m unable to do it

It has its moments where its fair then moments that the arrow doesnt work right when you adjust to the speed sorry just being honest so all know

Get to the end to receive reward and for some reason wouldn’t connect to Facebook ..A waste of time

I read a whole bunch of people’s reviews they are complaining about your game don’t like it myself you have to buy a thousand coins to play when I play other games I don’t have to buy nothing they give you chips to win I wouldn’t give you any more stars for this game why don’t you listen to what people are saying

I was liking it til I noticed I was bowling strikes and being beaten by others bowling spares!

Ad ad ad only ad boring

  • dear, thanks for your support. Our engineer has adjusted ads strategy of the game. (Percentage control ads, no longer need to play video ads every time) Please Upgrade to experience the latest version.

I love the game and I love bowling

Simple and fun to play but too many ads. No point getting the various balls, pins and lanes as we can use them under “trial” as many times as we want to.

Good game. But it would be better if there were stats in the game. I like to know how I’m doing. number of strikes. number of spares. number of games played. number of pins knocked down.

  • dear jeffrey pelley, I really appreciate your suggestion. Would you give us more specific suggestion to help us do better in the future? Thanks for your support.

Hi can you reply to me why the ads is so long

  • Dear Killmonger too, Sorry about the unpleasant. Our game is free to download and play. You can use “Battle Pass” to remove all ads. Thanks you for your kindly understanding. For further problem about the game, please contact us. have a nice day

It doe not always score correctly. For example, I will pick up a spare but when you look at the score it will say you only got 9. This needs to be fixed.

  • Dear , thanks for your feedback. Don’t worry, The engineer has fixed the issue. I invite sincerely you to experience the latest version of 3D Bowling Master again.Constantly surprise waits for you enjoy the game even more!

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