BoxCat – Collect lovely cats

[Game] BoxCat – Meow Jump, Jumping game, Fun and easy

BoxCat  BoxCat : Meow jump is healing and relaxing game.

Do jump and joy game with variety of unique cats

How to play
A easy game.
When you touch the cat jumps.
Stacking the boxes, climb higher.
Collect cute kitties.

Game features
It is easy. You can only touch.
Collect lovely cats.
80 kinds of cats wait for you.
do not need Wi-Fi.
do not need the data.
Try hard play. Challenge Mode!


BoxCat user reviews :

Its a fun game, no bugs or anything like that, The cats are cute and I found intresting you can move your screan around and see the cats that you currently have in places! Many diffrent cats and themes!

I give it a 4-star rating because it wouldn’t stop bothering me about how it wanted a rating if you’re wondering if it actually does that sits told yes there are cats yes you just tap and stack boxes up I don’t know what else to say so just that’s all so goodbye I feel like I’m writing a letter

Cute animations, a bit tricky gameplay but you get the hang of the delay. Plus all the cats look super cuddly and adorable!

This is such a cute game, definitely one of my all time favorite games, I even recommended it to a friend which I don’t usually do. The game play is pretty simple: Collect cats and make your cat avatar jump over the stacking boxes so it doesn’t fall! I do have a complaint though, hence the 4 star rating, a lot of the cats have a costume alternative but when you get the cosplay version of a cat it changes the cat in the room and you can’t change it back, I would love for you change this. Thanks!

I wish that clothing was something you could turn on and off and not something that shows up as a completely different cat and shoves the unclothed cat out. I also wish that we could rename the cats. It is still a great game though and the cats are super cute.

This game is a ton of fun, and it’s so worth buying the robot and lucky cats. Ads are gone but I can still get all the extra fish with a click! The challenges are doable but take practice, and it’s easy to get new cats! I love looking at the different outfits and seeing where they all are around the room. This game is an 11/10 for me! Thank you for helping– now I have Hover Cat too :D
  • Waycoder
  • Thank you for playing and purchasing items. Coupons are on our social media channel :) If you’re not using both Facebook and Instagram, please email master[at] We will send you a hover cat coupon.
It’s okay. Cute. Just downloaded it. One thing that actually kind of annoys me and it’s something that I don’t like with any app game, is not being able to save your data. And on top of that, y’all expect people to spend 2.99 to remove ads? Are y’all high?! Only a moron would spend money on an app game they cannot save their data with. It’s asinine. I could see maybe a $1 but $3? Plus tax? No. That’s a bad move. Edit: Or $44.99 Y’all are definitely high! For a game that doesn’t save.
  • Waycoder
  • Thank you for playing the game. We will update the save function.
it’s lovely and a great concept but it lags for 1/4th of a second every now and then which makes the box hit the cat without even having a chance to make it jump on time. would love for this glitch to be fixed because it is otherwise lovely
  • Waycoder
  • We apologize for the inconvenience.We update for lags optimization, and it will be updated today.
I really really wanted to play this game, but it won’t let me. I get through to the screen with a cat on a box, but then nothing happens, no matter where I tap on the screen. No boxes for me to jump, no tutorial, nothing. I’ve tried uninstalling and downloading again, but the same result.
  • Waycoder
  • We apologize for the inconvenience. The problem is being fixed and reviewed on playstore. Temporarily turn the game off and on to run it.

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