Let’s Break Stuff – The slingshot game

[Game] Let’s Break Stuff

Let's Break StuffAll 18 levels are now free!

The best slingshot shooting game with over 3 million downloads.

Now added to the Premium version: “create and share your own levels” feature. Anyone who has previously paid for 18 levels will get it for free.

Let’s Break Stuff!

The slingshot game where you smash up plates, glasses and crockery. Fully 3D and physics controlled, with lots of fun sound effects. High-score tables and 18 hand-built levels (with more to download!). HD graphics quality.

It’s more fun than getting angry with birds, tossing paper or knocking cans!

How to play

It’s very easy! Just tap on the screen to position your slingshot, then drag back and release. Use the arrows on screen to walk left and right.

Let’s Break Stuff user reviews :

Love this game. Got all the way to the end. Some levels are hard but not impossible. Now I can replay any level. It used to be totally free. Now it wants you to pay for the premium version. You get an error when you try to buy it.

Hard to aim slingshot and requires 100% break for everything. Add to limited balls a level make it very frustrating.

I think it also reduces anxiety so check it out at times like this

I love the game, but what happened to the premium version I paid for?

Keeps me awake when falling asleep plus it’s fun

The sling shot is to hard to aim. Needs some kind of sights on it just so you know about where to shoot. The controls slide the screen, if your not right on top of them will make your sling shot off. Also it lags.

When you push play it just shows you the levels and goes back to home screen

I love the concept of the game and it is fun but it’s bullshit when I hit the object and it doesn’t break. Or it breaks in half and doesn’t count as broken for whatever reason.

I like the game a lot but I cannot for the life of me get passed level 17, the exact same amount of balls as targets and no sights making it almost impossible! Driving me mad

Words cannot express how angry I am, nor can they explain how I got so angry.

I would rate this at a four star because it is awesome, however it keeps freezing and throwing the ball on its own! Maybe it just doesn’t like my phone, so I will still recommend it……

Love the slingshot game . truly. I am able to waste time in a fun manner.

It cool to brake stuff and have fun and not get in trouble for doing it. Thanks for marking a awesome game.

You can’t ever get bored with it highly recommend this to anyone who wants to play a good game

I dont know what the other people are saying but it was decent i gave it a four to make up for other ratings it deserves a three

I like the game at all but is there a Creator mode I remember playing this game in 2013 and there was Creator mode but now when I played it a year ago it did not have Creator mode is that weird because I don’t really write the graphics a higher number and the controls are bad and that’s why I give it 4 stars I gave the game 4 stars

The slingshot is extremely hard to aim and pull back the right amount

I search a lot 3d games but its a good stress releiver by breaking stuffs i sincerely thanks developers & google play store to keep such free games. keep it up and request to update for few more free levels.

Its very good I love it. I’d give it 5 stars if lvl 15 wasn’t rigged. The hanging ball seldomly breaks. Can’t get past that Lvl

I think that this is a really fun game. It gives u a good challenge. Also more levels would be nice.

this a fun app because you get to break stuff… who doesnt like breaking stuff? I gave it three stars because some things are hard to hit because depth perseption but overall this is a good game to get.

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