Broken Dawn II – There are more and more mutant monsters

[Game] Broken Dawn II

Broken Dawn II  A new type virus is spreading. No one knows how or where it came from

In just a few months, it has swept the entire world.
Nothing can stop the virus from spreading and infecting creatures. Even worse, the infected human beings and animals would transform into terrifying, aggressive monsters.
There are more and more mutant monsters. Humanity is under attack.
But the nightmare has just begun…

Brief Introduction
Broken Dawn offers the perfect combination of the thrilling shooters and role-playing games, guaranteeing excellent handling and exquisite graphics. We now introduce a brand new version of the game with recreated scenes and updated techniques. The in-game economic system has been improved and all aspects of the game have been significantly enhanced.

Real-time dynamic lighting effects that rival PC graphics.
Exclusive and unique game systems with comparable gameplay to Diablo.
Thrilling battles and outstanding handling.
Long-term and abundant battle scenes offer varied stage experiences.

Broken Dawn II user reviews :

I like the game. They could have higher rated item drops more often and more lvls. I find that the store glitches out and sometimes dont recieve your items when you use gems or coins. That can be really iiritating. If you like shoot em ups. This is a must try. Small download can play for a short time while waiting for other things. 5- 10 dollars spent is well worth it. (Would be way awesome to make a newer version or upgrade this one.

Good game over all. Small changes ges can be made such as reducing cooldown on dodge or allowing you to put points into a skill to reduce cooldown of dodge. Straight forward action so good for those who simply want to get right in and play, also has some rpg like elements were you can distribute poi ts I to what you want to increase. Over all solid game.

This is a cool game. Unfortunately, there is a lot of terrain collision, which causes your dodge to stick on corners, thus negating its effect. Also, I think the cooldown on dodge (10 sec) is too long. Often, because the CD is so long, it rarely makes a difference in the long run b/c enemies close the distance so quickly. It’d be nice if gold was a little easier to come by b/c everything uses gold (e.g. upgrades, socketing, talents, etc.).

Amazing game!! The best offline rpg game. Gameplay is perfect, graphic is fantastic, and control is so smooth. If you wanna heal the energy turn on your mobile data while playing the energy will slowly heal until full, and you can get free chest, also free alchemist and this less data usage. When first time is so difficult to finish the stage with the junkweapon, until im get a rare weapon in some stage, it will be easyexcellent job hummingbird mobile game keep going..

The hard work of the devs show in every parts of the game, not like big devs out there who throws 3 or 4 maps and make players replay those tons of times… Really every level is unique and enjoyable. Only con is the loots… boss enemies shud drop valuable items. Thanks for making a good game.

Graphics are awesome gameplay great so far and it can be played offline. Controls need a little work particularly to make it easier to navigate but besides that its a really good game almost addictive… Oh n add damn setting to adjust sound and or turn it off

Its very good Ive had a few forced closes in the middle of missions which sucks but you don’t lose xp or gear. Would love the option to outright play male though.

Awesome Very good game can play even with out wifi. I have small suggestion though, i hope we can view the character when equipting new gear and zooming the view in battle that`s all and thanks

Good enough Delaying time when reload bullets game controller is quite hard and dull at some points need hardwork to optimizing the game controler smoothing

actually its a good game but this game use stamina system… so i dont like it. alien zone plus much much more better because no stamina system

Last Update :

Fixed the problem of some device can not start the game

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