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[Game] BTS Island – In the SEOM

BTS Island

Come over and take a break for a while.
An island created for healing and relaxation – BTS Island: In the SEOM

From the game title, logo, and character design, down to the soundtrack – they are all gifts from BTS to ARMY! Lots of little details of the game were shaped by the BTS members to make it all the more enjoyable!

Puzzles with BTS and BTS BOMBS! Make memories with BTS as you break the puzzle pieces! Thrilling puzzles that were co-created by BTS members! Use special BTS Bombs that feature BTS characters when you get stuck!

Find BTS’ stories In the SEOM! Thoughtful and selfless leader RM, sunny and positive j-hope and Jin, cool and laid back SUGA, warm and sweet Jimin, goofy and charming V, good-at-everything Jung Kook, In the SEOM characters perfectly reflects the delightful personalities of BTS!

Decorate your own island, In the SEOM! Decorate using different themed items! Go fish, swim, play ping pong, box and light up fireworks! Enjoy adorable scenarios with Today’s Missions, and receive plenty of rewards

Only in BTS Island: In the SEOM! See Photo Albums with exclusive BTS photos to SUGA’s original soundtrack ‘Our Island (Prod. SUGA of BTS)’ ! Don’t miss the easter eggs hand-drawn by the members!

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BTS Island user reviews :

It’s a really nice, relaxing game, with an interesting story and good graphics. The only thing I dislike about it is the waiting time between levels. Every time I pass a level, I have to return to the island instead of just playing one level after the other, which is pretty annoying. I hope this changes with future updates.

I wish there could be added the “NEXT” button so I don’t need to go back to the island everytime. Also am I the only one who’s game works slow? Like it takes forever to enter the game or go back to the island after the game… BUT other than that it’s great, I love it. Also it matches their character and vibe. It’s adorable

The game is absolutely fantastic and really fun to play. The game features and visuals are really very nice. But there is a problem I am facing, that is the ‘tap to return to the island’ after every level does not appear on the screen and none of the taps work afterwards, for which I have to exit the game each time and rejoin which takes a lot of time loading. Please check into this issue. It’s bothersome for me to get out each time.

Super cute and great to play for ARMY who want an interactive experience. However, I will say the crashing is absolutely out of control. I will be in the middle of a puzzle about to win when the game suddenly crashes and I have to start over. It’s become extremely trustfrating and a burden. It makes the experience, sometimes, not worth the aggravation.

I really enjoy the story and the games are fun. I do however think some of the aspects of the game are odd. For instance, what combination actually gets rid of the gray block because sometimes, they just don’t disappear. Also, having a certain amount of turns, but also a hidden bottom level can make a level unachievable sometimes. Otherwise, Love the game. Army, right here! Will support anything for these deserving gentlemen!

The game is fun. It has a lovely soundtrack, the graphics are great, and the puzzles are also fun. However, the “you have no wi-fi” issue keeps on popping up after I finish a level, even though my wi-fi is fine. I’ve repeated the level twice now, and still no progress. It’s frustrating. :/ EDIT: The problem has been fixed, thus I have changed my ratings too. Great game.

  • An Island created for healing. We are BTS Island: In the SEOM. We appreciate your feedback. Your review will be delivered to the department to further improve our game. We will continue to strive our best and perform better. If you have any issues or opinions, please always feel free to contact our in-game customer center. Thank you.

I love it so so much already!! The boys are super cute, there’s a ton of references and inside jokes, the story scenarios are fun, and the puzzles are challenging at times but super satisfying when you figure them out! (Not to mention it’s quite pretty~♡) One thing I will say: I wish there was a way to keep playing the puzzle levels consecutively? Especially when I have an infinite hearts boost; it’s a little annoying to have to exit out to the island between puzzles each time.

Latest Update :

New Story Added + New Puzzle Levels Added
A rewatch feature for completed Missions added
Character & Pet Interaction Added: Special motions will occur when the artists meet the animal friends
TANY Pass Plus Released
Gem Safe System Added
New Events and Packs Added
Quality of Life Improvements
Issues Fixed for Stability

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