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[Game] Bug Heroes 2

Bug Heroes 2Every day while you’re gone, an epic battle of swords, guns, and armor rages on your counters, on your floors, and in your yard… Enter the world of the Bug Heroes!

From the creators of Monster Adventures and Heroes & Castles comes a new adventure, blending fast paced action, strategy, and defensive gameplay!

Master 25 unique heroes – from a hook wielding Waterbug pirate, to an old and wise Aphid sensei, a champion Bumblebee boxer, a grenade launching Worm, a poison obsessed Stinkbug, and tons more! Choose and customize your squad of two, then seamlessly switch between them while unleashing a variety of powerful abilities on your enemies. Scavenge for food and junk, fortify your base, build turrets, level up your heroes, equip weapons and armor, and survive!


MOBA-like competitive & cooperative multiplayer
Tons of single player content, including missions, an endless mode, and a base vs base skirmish mode
25 unique heroes to master – form your team of two
Innovative squad based gameplay – control two heroes simultaneously
Level up your Bug Heroes, increase their skills, and buy weapons, armor, and gear
Scavenge for food, then defend your Food Stash with turrets and upgrades
Complete missions, earn stars, and unlock a host of powerful upgrades
Master both melee and ranged combat. Slice your enemies with swords, swat bugs off of ledges, blast them from long range with guns and magic, and more
Tactical gameplay – use cover to defeat your enemies
Over 75 varied enemy types to battle
Sync across devices with cloud save

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Bug Heroes 2 user reviews :

This game is a cool little idea. I got that feeling while playing and ordering the second character to stand guard, that I’d rather play it with a real player. Alas, the matchmaking seems dead. No players ever found. The voice acting is humorous and cute (maybe some would find it annoying.) The visual style is not high end but pleasing and .. retro?? As someone who grew up on PS2 games, it felt like that kind of vibe. Worms vibes.

Very good game but I think they should add more bugs and remodels some of them that’s all.

Personal experience the game is good but co-op should play 4 player

nice game and thank you for being offline, keep it up.

Hi, the multiplayer keeps crashing, forcing us to restart. Please fix this bug.

Funny little bug game How the hell is it still getting updated?

So far, I am enjoying this game way too much, and it really helps me at my lowest-point in life. From the unique character design, music, gameplay mechanics, and it’s versatile capability to make u play levels however you want at your own pace.

Nostalgia is real but yall should update this game more frfr

I was surprised to find the normal version of the game on play store because it wasn’t there originally and i haven’t played for every long but all i want to say its still the same as before , no crashes and still amazing gameplay.

Played the game when I was younger and I’m glad that I rediscovered it. I have a question tho. What’s the difference between this version and the premium version? In the both of these apps description, they’re identical. I might buy the premium version, but would like to know what it has to offer over this version.

It’s a dope game, although it does need more people for a better multiplayer experience and maybe like a friend adding system? It’s a 9.8/10 from me, I love it

Awesome game. Cool graphics. Immersive gameplay. Funtastic characters. You gotta play this game.

Phenomenal game where were you hiding from me all these years?!

honesty this game is really good

Its good but bug hero’s 1 is better its my child hood

Need to improve gameplay. But overall satisfied. I will give fove for future updates.

The game is as good as I remember it was. Will you continue update this and release more maps?

always a good game from forsaken media. just the camera view is better in the old version.

this game is a mood changer fr I’m this guy fine it hard to acknowledge good games but this is great so far.

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