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bWallet is a well designed finance app that has beautiful UI, simple but powerful features and friendly user experience.

With all kind of features in the app, you can do anything you want. For example, manage your accounts, record your daily expenses, monitor your budgets, keep you reminded of your bills. What’s more important, the system is stable and secure enough. We will never leak your data or share it with anyone on the internet. Whether to keep track of your revenue and expenditure or do the statistical analysis, bWallet is trustworthy.

In spite of so many features we have, it is extremely handy to use:
Step 1, create an account.
Step 2, put in your expense/income/transfer transactions to the account.
Step 3, with continuous inputting, you are able to stay in control of your personal finance for the long-term.

Manage Your Accounts – Account can be built easily with entering account name, account type(each type has its unique icon) and start balance. You can build accounts with no limitation in one place where you can organize their sequence. Two kind of balance statistics will be list for each account—Balance and Available Balance.
Balance means Account Balance, it include all of your money, including all available transactions and transactions that are held.
Your available balance is the amount you can spend right now, not including the transactions that are held.

Monitor Budgets – Keep your money under control and save money with the help of this budget feature. Whatever goal you want to achieve, like saving for a new iPhone or cut the diet expense to have a happy trip, the budget module will offer a integrated plan with simple steps. Variety of categories is offered and whatever budget time period is accessible. If necessary, you can adjust the budget flexibly whenever you want.

Keep Track of Bills – Never worry about forgetting any of your bills, as reminder is customizable for different reminder alert periods. When paying the bill before the due date or overdue, you can choose to pay fully or partially for installment or other purpose. After paying the bill, the paid bills will be put in together for future review. Furthermore, calendar for bills helps you check all your bills from the start to the end at a glance.
Intuitive Charts – Insightful finance statement will be placed in the Charts View, where divided into four parts—the Summary, the Category, the Cash Flow and the Net Worth. It is easy to understand your finance overviews through the Charts, from expenses and incomes, budgets, bank accounts, to categories and bills etc. Reports of all your transactions is available, which can be exported via Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox and so on.

Backup all your data to Google Drive or Dropbox whenever you want, and restore it if you change phone or for other reasons.
Quick search for transactions
Passcode protection
Complete world currency support
Select the start date of week
Payers & payees management
Category management

The free version is ad-supported, it has no functional restrictions, you are free to use all the functions. We also provide the way to remove ads via in-app purchase.

Storage — bWallet needs this permission to access photos when you choose to upload a photo from Gallery.
Camera — Allow bWallet to take photos when you choose to upload a photo via camera.

If you have any suggestions or problems, please feel free to send us a mail. We are glad to offer any help. Your feedback is the driving force for our improvement.

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bWallet user reviews :
I was using paid version. Once suddenly all my balance went negative. I thought i night have messed up . Then i occured overnight again, i with great efforts updated all transactions and within a month again Balances changed ! it was enough, The app has bug, it does everything but basic accounting. I stopped using it , purchased money Manager and happily using it. I wasted my money

Gotta change my review and lower the stars. Had the app for a year. Loved it but once the balance changed over night on a few accounts to a negative amount…for no reason. But this time all my accounts and debts i was keeping on this app ALL went negative!! My deposits and credits from every month except July and August of this year were all wiped out. AND now Ads were added to the app and they just pop up while you are entering data. SO I AM UNINSTALLING. so sad because i really loved it!

I like it. I like being able to add credit card purchases and then clearing them when they hit account so I have accurate balances. Would be 5 star if I could see future payments/ transfers. Would be nice if you could add a payment to bills so it auto deducts from accounts.

I’ve really liked the app so far, but I would suggest to add the possibility of adding a widget, and being able to quickly check my balance and some recent transactions. Besides, having a button to add a transaction from the widget. Apart from that, the app is good and I’m looking forward to many new features to improve it.

  • Hi, if you have any ideas about improving the app, please contact us at bwallet.a[at] We’d appreciate it.

Update – the ads are annoying. I under why they are there, but it’s only only thing now that is having me drop it from 5* to 4* So far this has everything I need – multiple accounts, calculator, cleared/uncleared status, recurring transfers. It also looks really nice, and simple to use. Excited to try this out!

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