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Calendar Event ReminderCalendar Event Reminder : If you are tired of short “beep” reminders of calendar and often miss an important event, put and end to it with this app!

With this simple app you can override or replace default reminder with “unmissable” ones – they will ring like phone call how long you want, with melody you want! All you need is to install app – and that’s all! No complex setup, no overcomplicated settings, just install app and that’s it – app will automatically do all work.

IMPORTANT: 99% of problems with app are caused by energy saving mode, please read FAQ to add my app as an exception, thanks :)


Calendar Event Reminder user reviews :

This app has good potentials, but It lacks the feature to have notifications that can’t be dismissed. All the notifications should have just the event name, the texts “event reminder” on them is useless and annoying. It should be like the (now dead) app “calendar notification” If this new features will be implemented, I will give five stars and I wold even pay the developer!

Two alarms go off at the same time – system and calendar event (even that they really shouldn’t). The alarm from calendar randomly doesn’t turn off. Despite many attpemts I have to restart my mobile every time it goes of. Nightmare
  • Milan Sillik
  • Hi Evelina, if you hear 2 alarms at same time and only one is my app and another one is system – that is not fault of my app. Have you tried to disable system app? Or email me please, I will help you :) Cheers, MS

My calendar alarm doesn’t have any alarms that are long & continuous. This has just what I need & I’ve had it for a while with no problem or concerns. This app does just what it says. Would recommend this app. 5 star.

Used to be an essential app, but does not work with my new Pixel 4 on Android 10, even with the latest fix. Specifically, the event reminder alarm screen does not pop up in the foreground and vibrate. I hope this can be resolved! If it works for you, then this is a 5 star app
  • Milan Sillik
  • EDIT: It should work fine – but only when phone is locked or screen is off. If you are using phone and screen is on, it is not possible to play alarm anymore (its not possible now to interrupt user when he is using the phone, and launch alarm from background). Is this your case?
Finally one that works! But…the Snooze is very annoying. Please give an option to disable it. E.g. 0 minutes
  • Milan Sillik
  • Hi Thijs, thanks for your review. But I am not sure I understand – why its snooze annoying? And why you want to disable it? You can easily dismiss notification, not just snoozing. Or maybe write me a bit more details, thanks. Cheers, MS

App worked great till android 10 broke it. Now works ok, but definitely not the same. Dev has been responsive and great to work with trying to find solutions, however!

Exactly what I’ve been looking for. I can’t get my phone out in the lab, so having persistent vibration to remind me about meetings is a huge help. Thanks for making this!

App worked fine until I updated to Android 10. :-(
  • Milan Sillik
  • Hi THiago, please update app, I just released fix for andorid 10. If you cant see update, just wait for few hours or 1-2 days, it will be available soon. Cheers, MS
I take my previous post back. I really want to thank Milan Sillik, who helped me to fix my Energy Saving Settings in my phone to make the application work. The application is now working perfectly. I want to rate it more than 5 but there are only five stats presently i can choose. I really appreciate continuous support from Milan. He even offered me refund of my money. This is a great app, only we need to configure our phone settings for it to work perfectly. Thanks Milan once again.
  • Milan Sillik
  • Hi Ashutosh, I am really sorry. What you described in mail never happened to anybody in last 5 years. I dont know what else to say, I can just refund you money. But I still think its caused by energy saving (there are so many problems related to this I cant even count them) – its extremely frustrating for developers. Have a nice day ;) MS

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