Call of Antia – Time to reveal the secrets of Antia

[Game] Call of Antia – Match 3 RPG

Call of Antia  Call of Antia is a brand new type of match-3 RPG game.

In this unique RPG game, the classic match-3 puzzle gameplay is mixed with battle, magic, and dragons as you fearlessly charge into the enemies. Are you ready? It’s time to reveal the secrets of Antia!

·Thrilling Match-3 Gameplay
Engrossing and strategic battles.
A journey full of challenges and accomplishment!

Build Your Shire
Build your kingdom land, train strong soldiers and become a real ruler!

A Visual Marvel
Follow the adventure to witness majestic scenes, meet legendary figures from different factions, and unlock mysterious legends!

Legendary Heroes
Collect over 50 epic heroes, level them up and upgrade their abilities.
Use different strategies and put forth your best heroes to fight the darkness.

Ancient Dragons
Dragons, the secret weapon in battles, are your strongest allies to vanquish all your enemies!
Find legendary dragons and they will reveal the secrets buried in the world of Antia.

Exciting Journey
You will encounter diverse and unique enemies!
A funny goblin bearing a huge treasure bag, an epic ogryn with two heads, sinister assassins, and even the headless horseman himself!
Countless bonuses are waiting for you!

Online Battle
A variety of battle modes: Alliance Wars, 1v1 battle and Fallen Titans.
Experience real battles with your allies and fight for glory!

Global Communication
Join an alliance to play with millions of players all over the world and collect great rewards!

Tons of Events
Rich and various events that give you free items.
You can participate in multiple events at the same time. Find your allies and join those epic events!

The knights have waited for a hundred years, yet the mysterious Dragoneer remains a legend.

You, the chosen one, have been summoned to the fantastical land of Antia. Here you will meet more friends, recruit heroes, and unveil the secrets of this land during your journey.

The protectors are becoming forgotten, but the creator has not yet arrived. The Time Portal is damaged, and darkness is wreaking havoc.

When the Five Sages reignite the flames, the truth of the world will be revealed in the Time Portal.

In the wind is a cry for help only the chosen one can hear. Can you hear the Call of Antia?

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Call of Antia user reviews :

Good graphics and mechanically sound. Character design is nice and the overall game looks and feels better than similar games. However, the entire monetization system, pvp and hero power scaling is exploitative and cheap. It is designed to tease you more powerful heroes and make you pay huge ammounts for 5 star heroes.All 2 star and most 3 star heroes are useless and have no use beyond expeditions.
  • FunPlus International AG
  • Greetings Commander! We greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback to us and we’ll take notes from it. Overall the game activities are free and active participation will result in faster development of your team. You can also join our community on Discord to share strategies! Hope to see you in Antia!

Its well designed,has a nice story, its strategic, i usualy hate energy type games but this one has nice ambience ,so far so good.

for now I like it. it’s easy and relaxing but I’ve only played for a day. I’ll edit this later on if my opinion will change.

Just like every other game in this genre. Fun and winnable up to a point, after that, you better be willing to dish out that cash, otherwise progressing through the story becomes impossible and every top arena player uses the same character combos which gave been ascended and in order to heat, you need the same team comp
  • FunPlus International AG
  • Thank you for your review. We have worked hard to ensure that non-paying players have access to all of Call Of Antia’s content, but we are always looking to improve this so we would love to hear further feedback from you. Please feel free to update your comments or contact us on Facebook.
so far so good. haven’t hit a paywall yet, though it’s still early Edit: wow, level 3 and the pay wall has arrived. It’s fun, but only if you want to spend money. Otherwise, you’ll need patience and basically barely be able to actually pay the game while waiting and waiting to gather enough material to level up your characters. Or you get really lucky in the Raid rip off summoning. Either way, I wouldn’t recommend to non paying players. You’ve got too much money, then by all means… spend!
  • FunPlus International AG
  • O Noble Dragoneer, we apologize for any issues you had with the game. Since space is so limited here, why don’t you share you feedback in more detail with our support team? You can reach us via coa[at]

Latest Update :

1. Anniversary Events.
2. New 5-star Red-type Asgard Hero Surtr is now available.

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