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[Game] Calming Lia

Calming LiaEmbark on a magical puzzle adventure with Bao and Lia in Calming Lia!

This glamorous match-3 game takes you through dreamy worlds like the Deep Sea and Spooky Circus. Help Bao calm Lia’s nightmares and save her dreams by sliding and matching 3 or more symbols. Each level offers a new challenge and a chance to discover hidden treasures.

With 800+ levels, hand-drawn art, and lovely animations, Calming Lia offers a relaxing and challenging experience. Collect magic charms, diamonds, and gold as you unlock treasure chests and daily gold mine challenges. Play to win goodies from the magic box and unique bonuses. The game also features a magic charm collection and the possibility to unlock magic treasure chests as you progress through the game.

With Calming Lia, you will enjoy a truly immersive gaming experience. The game is easy to play but challenging to master, making it perfect for both casual and hardcore gamers. The game’s dreamland setting with Bao and Lia, is a unique and engaging, taking you on a journey through different worlds, each with its own set of challenges and rewards.


800+ match-3 adventure levels
Dreamland setting with Bao and Lia
Hand-drawn art and animations
Magic box and unique bonuses
Daily gold mine challenge
Magic charm collection
Treasure chest unlocks
Easy to play, challenging to master

Download Calming Lia now and start your adventure in the world of dreams!

Calming Lia user reviews :

Its seems really good, with nice graphics and atmosphere. But having to constantly wait for energy is rediculous. It makes the game really boring, why developers put this stupid energy system in games is beyond me. Just let people play and enjoy the game, rather than putting stupid energy systems in games. It totally ruins the fun. Also why lose energy when u win, just pathetic.

  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback! Please update to the latest version of the game, we have made some improvements to how the energy works.

Okay, so I did really love this game and was full stars and I got pretty far over the course of a few years. However, just got the game back, and the ability to log into Facebook has disappeared!! So all that progress I made is now gone!! Really NOT cool!! So No longer full stars!! I have now linked it with the new cloud method, hopefully, this works!! But I would like my old game back!!

  • Hi Kayleigh, sorry for late reply, we missed your review. You can get your progress back by contacting us at our customer support at games[at]

This is an awsome game i have ever played. But after some updates they changed some themes like starting of the game (the sleeping lia) and stones. But i still love the old theme. And i am a biggest fan of this game music. Specially that magic box music. I searched that music in internet but I couldn’t find it. Please make it available in internet. Keep developing and updating the game. Don’t loose your hope. Sorry for my poor English.

Great game! Cool graphics and music. The different stages is very well thought trough. It’s a perfect game for unwinding.

  • Hello! Thank you so much for your beautiful words!

I loved it and completed almost all the levels. Got over 600 dialonds, 3000 stars and 130000 gold…then ALL my progress for over a year DISAPPEARED!!!  I uninstalled it then reinstalled and logged in on Facebook. Thank God all the progress returned!!!

  • Hi Anna! We are so glad all is good now! Thank you for your feedback!

Loved the fact that this game has a totaly different concept in regards to the board…has also kept my intrest until today with every level.Also love when Lia calls out Giagia. Plus what else? The charmnecklace is worth 10 stars all by itself. Tyvm

  • Hello, thank you so much!

The game is fun but would be a lot more fun if it didn’t use energy whether you win or lose and you only get 10 energy when you start so you don’t get much so you can’t play for long. Most games don’t take your energy if you win.

Great game. I’ve played it thru to the end a couple of times now and never tire of this game. I would like to see more games of quality this game provides. Hope they develope a new level soon.

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