Candy Smash Mania – Make the most delicious combinations

[Game] Candy Smash Mania

Candy Smash ManiaCandy Smash Mania is a sweet match 3 puzzle game.

You will act as little girls, accompany with lovely husky. Thousands of puzzle levels filled with candies and cake carefully well crafted. Enter the juicy adventure and travel through sweet house of candy treats. Match and blast three or more of the same candies to clear the levels!

Make the most delicious combinations and get through challenging levels filled with candy! Blast candies together and match the rarest treats and share with your friends. More treats are in Candy SmashMania for you to discover in this juicy land! You would addictive in this candy treat, such as Jam, honey, sweet and biscuits treasure trove of tasty treats!

Candy Smash Mania features

Addictive match 3 gameplay
Colorful and delicious candies.
Splendid animations
Any time and anywhere with no WIFI
Collect the Black or white kittens, also bees and rabbits can help you pass levels easily!
Be careful with barriers: Five layers dessert, Ice layers, Biscuits stick,Honey pot, etc.

Enjoy the tasty treats with Candy Smash Mania. Have Fun! Easy Get Started this sweet journey . Match 3 or more of the same candies to make the treat into sweet tooth!

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Candy Smash Mania user reviews :

such a nyc game and each level is very interesting of my fvt game thats i gave me 4 stars not only me playing this game my whole family playing this game its is very funny special the puzzle part is very intersting…

I really enjoyed the twist of having a jigsaw puzzle to solve. The background on the map interesting and are just cutesy enough to be entertaining. The prizes on the wheel while standard have the add bonus of receiving a double bomb upon use of the bomb. So why the low rating? Here’s why… Just like every game of this type I have found that it is a complete waste of time to continue playing after a certain level. It becomes ridiculously hard (im saying days and weeks) to pass a level.

  • Thanks for your feedback! We deeply respect your advice, and we will try to combine your feedback with our R&D, in order to provide better products. Thanks again for your kindness.
Loved the game until I got to level 299, it starts with 2 useless power ups, won’t give you any different ones even though it tells you to use one. You click on one of your power ups, it takes one away, but doesn’t give it to you. I’ve tried everything and have been stuck on this level for a long time. About to uninstall. Would have given this game 5 stars until now
  • gameone
  • Sorry about the unpleasant. We have noted with the bug and will fix on this soon! Have a nice day

I enjoy the game. it’s relaxing and fun. my biggest complaint is the insane amount of ads. im willing to watch an ad or 2 for coins or power ups but not if I also have to watch ads between every level also

This is a really cute game to play to pass time,but way to many adds. I understand you’ve got to have them,but after every single time you win there’s another add. If you don’t mind adds its a good game.

i like the game but because after every single round i have to deal with ads for other games they want me to down load!! its like watching tv with commercials…there for im going to delete the game.!!
  • gameone
  • Sorry about the unpleasant. We will try our best to balance between ads and gaming experience improvement. Hope you like Candy Smash Mania

I really enjoy this game the only issue is I have no way of saving it so I can play on my different devices and save my progress once something is done to update this I will 5* other than this and constant ads (I can get over the ads) it’s a amazing game

This game is addicted but I’m wondering if anyone has noticed when you get a free hour the level after takes all of that up because it’s so difficult so the free hour is wasted on just that?!

Latest Update :

Add 350 new levels(5001-5350)

Having fun with our latest Candy Smash Mania & tell us what you think

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