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Card LordsCard Lords : Construct your dream deck with an amazing hoard of magical Creatures and Heroes in trading card game (TGC). Dozens of cards to collect with various qualities and abilities. Easy to pick gameplay with deep strategy ensured! Challenge yourself and other players in PvP Arena and try to be the best TCG card collector!


Simple to learn TCG gameplay with an addicting strategy
No need to spend hours playing the game to enjoy all features!
Build your own deck out of varied cards with unique abilities
7 different card qualities Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical, Primal to build your deck from
Join your Guild mates or participate in PvP and competitive gameplay!
Gradual progress through the game with many things to undertake
Venture to Dungeons, visit Fortune Teller and progress through the quests

Download now for free and get on board for new exciting experience in trading card game (TCG).

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Card Lords user reviews :

just started playing, and coming to realise that it is not much of a pay to win as I thought. still only in the early levels, but it’s proving to be a nice time killer

It appears to me that gold is pretty much useless. Unless Im missing something, which could be totally possible considering the game doesnt even fit on my screen samsung s10+ it’s too big for the screen After about 5 mins of playing I literally dont see a point in gold only use being to draw extra cards but their crappy common cards mostly. VERY grindy game, too much Also once u get to a certain point matches get tough and u cant win without better cards U cant go back and replay missions either

It’s really good but the prices on everything should go down a little but other than that I recommend this game

Its pretty cool but i think the card could use a real artwork instead of just this small picture

all in all not bad wish the app would fit the screen the edge is off my screen and working through certain parts of the app is hard love the idea

ok game. would be better if the ui were fixed. portions of the top and bottom of my screen are cut off, making it difficult to see my food, gems, and gold.

this is a great game, but it’s ridiculously pay to win in arena mode, fix that and it’s a 5 star game. Been playing hard for a few days and have 1 red, a few purple, the rest blue spent no money, while I’m “challenging” people with 7+ maxed out red characters while im ranked as low as possible and can’t do anything, hard to start playing when you literally cant…

The only reason that I gave this game 4 star rating is because it becomes very difficult to move on very quickly and you can’t replay levels to gain more cards. You almost have to just wait for your food to replenish and get money from the town people (I can’t think of what they call it at the moment). But overall it is a fun game nonetheless.

Seems like a fun game, but I can’t get the main screen to scroll left, which limits what I can see and click on.

Love it, cards,heros, monsters , gems, gold , ad watching gives extra ,can watch adsto revive, good mix of cards. Overall I’m happy

Personally great game as someone who loves card games like these this is a fun time waster

Pretty simple and fun game, but it has too many bugs (not getting rewards for finish maps) and it is dead as fk… more less 300 players and in the arena as 10lv u have to fight 100lv+.

Its very fun and addicting, just some of the aspects are kind of annoying like the dungeons.

it’s a fun game, just a little difficult to get the upgrade powder to advance, but did just start so ima give it a few more days and let’s see

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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