Castle Revenge – Become the only king

[Game] Castle Revenge – Catapult King

Castle Revenge  Will you defend your great castle?

And then what!? Of course, you will destroy your enemy castle with catapults and conquer the whole world!

The most addictive Catapult & Castle game with amazing graphics and multiplayer mode is available now.
And it’s totally FREE TO PLAY!

Build your castle to the sky-high to become undefeated. Produce weapons, dig gold, collect mana and other resources. Recruit more builders to accelerate expansion. Nobody can beat you. But you can beat them. You’ve just started conquering the world!

Prepare your strategy! Use catapults (trebuchets) and attack other realms. Destroying your enemies’ castles has never been so much fun yet! Win every battle and every siege. Become the only king.

In this great journey, you will experience being a king. You need to expand your castle by adding production units and collecting resources that will make you stronger. Then you can attack other players (i.e. your friends) and start conquering other kingdoms.
Are you ready for battle and becoming the greatest king of all time? Lead your kingdom to the glory now!
Castle Revenge is a unique mix of strategy and action games with a multiplayer mode and realistic physics-based castle destruction!


Build, manage and expand your castle
Prepare for battle with your production units
Attack the enemies and get your sweet revenge
Prepare your strategy. Fight other players and Lord Grayson himself
Conquer the map and reclaim your land
Directly control your catapult attack and wreak havoc with realistic physics destructions!
Develop new types of projectiles for your catapult
Be a King, become a Hero!

Download “Castle Revenge” now and start your revenge with the use of catapults! Are you ready to become a real King?

Game requires constant internet connection

Castle Revenge user reviews :

Fun fun fun I get the feeling that the game is stalling in development though, for now. But really nice

Good game but no one on my map would show up for me to attack and if i pressed quick match it just took my money

So amazing and wonderful game, easy to play

keeps you distracted for hours.. great game

love this game it is amazing best game iv seen on the app store in a while

need need mode multiplayer

Love this game, but you apparently don’t want people playing. Says i have a network problem, which no other game thinks… EDIT: apparently the game was out of date. So if any of you keep getting a network error messagedespite having a working connection, check google play to see if you are up-to-date i was deprived of the best mobile game for 3 days because of that

Very good game fun to play

I really like this game. But i really hate notifications. I have them turned off but it still gives me an icon notification on the app itself. The thing is, when i open the game they dont go away. So ive got 19 notifications showing up in the last number of days and i cant make them go away.. they just keep compounding. please work on that. Irritating.

The game is good but whenever I won a match the connection lost and I have to start from the first.But there is the main problem that the match I won actually I lost because of the connection lost. What is this yaar improve this issue. AND BEFORE THIS ISSUE IS SOLVED PLZZZ NOBODY SHOULD DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. THANK YOU !!!

I have found no faults so far great concept, graphics and gameplay. A tip for all new players though. When designing your Castle/Fort, your Blocks/Rooms can not defy Gravity at all. So when placing them around make sure they are connected. If you dont, when someone attacks you your Blocks/Rooms will just fall giving your ememy the best advantage in winning.

Its a great game but in the tutorial after beating the first level in the campaing it crashes can you pls fix it. it would be very convenient
  • Incuvo SA
  • Could you tell us more about your problem? Please, contact as at castlesupport[at]
I can’t even play the game it just says something about a connection error even though I have a working Internet connection I have tried many times but it doesn’t work which is a shame because the actual game looks very fun
  • Incuvo SA
  • Could you tell us more about your problem? Please, contact as at castlesupport[at]

J’Adore ce jeu et je suis bien content de l’avoir decouvert grace a jolate.

Good and fun castle destroying game. Not every game needs timers and this type of game isn’t anything new.

Overall its a great game.but it keeps saying check internet connection and i have good connection
  • Incuvo SA
  • Does the problem still occur? If you still having the same problem, please contact us at castlesupport[at]
I purchased the $4.99 builders pack, but didn’t get it. The money was taken but no new builder nor is there the 500 rubies. UPDATE: Thank you rectifying the problem! This is a great game and have enjoyed playing it. Aside from the one issue I’ve had, this is one of the best games on googleplay.
  • Incuvo SA
  • Please, contact us at We will be glad to help.

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