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[Game] Cat Evolution – Merge Animals

Cat EvolutionWelcome to the wonderful world of cats! In Cat Evolution, you get to experience life from a feline perspective. You`ll be able to merge cats in this animal evolution idle game.

Every time you do a cat merge, you will discover a new species of cat! I mean, if you love cats, you will definitely be happy to find out that there are several different species in the Cat Evolution Clicker Game.

To merge your cats in these kitty cat games, you’ll need to match two cats of the same breed and level. Once you merge animals, the two cats will combine to create a new, more powerful cat merge. You can continue to merge cats to create even more powerful felines, unlocking new cat merge possibilities! You will be so excited to see your animal evolve.

 Merge Animals – Evolution Games

Cat Evolution is the cat game for those who simply love evolution games. You just need to drag to cats with the same species to merge cats into a new, different, mysterious kitty.

Cat Evolution brings and introduces several new species! From the simplest to the strongest and most stunning. Discover species like Catoon, Foxitten, Meowne and many more! Can you discover them all?

Merge cats to create even more powerful felines, unlocking new abilities and traits along the way. Every kitty has the ability to produce a certain number of coins per second and the more advanced they are, the more coins you will have per second, speeding up how your animal evolve.

But this is much more than an animal evolution and mutation game, it’s a game with an incredible and surprising story, with cute kittens in doodle-style illustration, where you need to form as many mutations as possible and also find the imposters!

The Imposters

To play evolution games, you need to focus in the light of the show, the kitties. You’ll have to be careful to find all the imposters and prevent them from disguising themselves among your kittens! For every imposter you spot, you’ll earn a bonus coin. You need to watch out and pay attention!

The Cat Game – Clicker Idle Game

Overall, this cat merge animal evolution is an idle clicker game, with exciting and engaging ways to collect and combine adorable cats, even when you’re not actively playing. These kitty cat games allow you to keep progressing just by being the best clicker ever. You just keep clicking frantically to acquire more cats and thus get more and more coins or more cats for you to combine and cause the animal evolution!

Whether you’re a kitty lover or just love playing idle games, the cat game is sure to provide hours of entertainment and fun. So get ready to collect, merge, and evolve your way to the top of the kitty cat game kingdom!

This evolution game is free to play but contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extra items mentioned in the description can also be purchased for real money.

Cat Evolution user reviews :

Flawed But Fun. I really like this game a lot, but there’s a few issues that keep me from fully enjoying it. For starters, your progress isn’t saved, please add a cloud save feature. Another issue is the grind, so much of the games content can only be purchased with gems which are significantly harder to earn than coins, I feel as if you could keep this challenge but make it more forgiving by simply adding a “pay with coin” option, but have the coin price be high. Also, needs less ads please.

It doesn’t load without wifi and when I have wifi there’s ads every 5 seconds. Also whenever I get a catgoyle from the evolution create it disappears after a few minutes which is so unfair because it’s the most expensive and valuable one. Sometimes a still image will be frozen on screen

The advertisements pop up like every few minutes and it takes about 30s to skip them. I tried buying TWO bundles that included no Ads but neither of them redeem their items even after I restarted the game. I made sure they processed and they did. But none of the items were redeemed like hats and gems.

Had this on my tablet, and when I got my new phone, decided to install it here too. Didn’t realize how ridiculous it had gotten with ads all over the place! Then after playing long enough to unlock Mars, the game broke entirely, and stopped loading. Restarting the app didn’t work, restarting my phone didn’t work, only option was to reinstall… Which lost ALL my progress. It’s cute and fun, but use at your own risk.

Pretty fun, enjoyed seeing each new one and coloring them. I found this game looking for one I beat a long time ago, it has an identical art style but it was only a single cat. It had a storyline about how the cat was an alien that was adopted by a little girl and after clicking enough it would evolve into a new form and would give a bit more story, at the end the cat outlives her and searches the cosmos looking for her again. Iv never found it again but man I miss it.

This game is an amazing nostalgia trip to when I was little. But the ads are too much. I understand that they give you coins, but there should be an option to watch them for coins instead of just popping out of nowhere when I’m trying to buy cats or look at the achievements. Edit: now that I am further into the game, every few minutes, sometimes 30 seconds, the game freezes for about a minute and then goes back to normal. Please fix this bug. Also, the buttons are not working at all, please fix.

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