Cats are Liquid – Experience the story

[Game] Cats are Liquid – A Better Place

Cats are Liquid  Slide across rooms as an ice block, float like a cloud, hookshot around with your tail, and utilize a bunch of other abilities!

Explore 120 different rooms.
Experience the story and find out how and why the world came to be.
Create your own rooms with the included editor!

Cats are Liquid – A Better Place is a 2D platformer about a liquid cat and her friends.

Play as the cat, in a place created just for you and your friends. You get to go on a nice adventure with them where nothing goes wrong and everything is perfect, as long as your friends stay there, right by your side.

This game contains dark story elements, including strong feelings of abandonment and detachment from reality. This game is not for children.

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Cats are Liquid user reviews :

This game is a masterpiece (^o^)/ The story is beautiful and sad, it makes me feel pity for the cat :( The gameplay is pretty cool too tbh!!

This game is just gold. They barely give me ads, the gameplay is just so fun, the story is weird yet very good! This is the best game I have ever in my life installed! I like it so so much! You can see the team who worked on this is amazing, and very talented! For the first time in my life, I have discovered a game that I want to have more ads in it! It just restores my faith in humanity when I see a game that is pure gold instead of another cheap cashgrab!

The story is very interesting. I also love the graphics, the music and the fact that you can create your own world and play in others’! E p i c

It was a good game, but i can’t stop comparing it go some great stuff I saw in the first game. 1. Climbing the walls got boring, i would love to jump on them 2. The older tail looked better 3. Even though both games were great and more or less simple, the other one felt greater with less mechanics, the new worlds were pretty much based only on the ability you have. In some worlds it made sense to use/focus on the ability, but some of them felt forced 4. This story wasn’t equal with the older one

The game is nice and all, but the controls are awful. I am not comparing them to the ones in the old game, they are awful in general. The right and left arrows are too high up. The up and down arrows not beind under eachother messes me up and the fact that sometimes it does not respond to the commands is not helping anything

When I say I cried at the end I’m serious I don’t think there is any game that made me feel this amount of emotion before Also I imediatly searched,,cats are liquid” to see if there’s one more game and I was extremely happy to see that there is This might be the best mobile game ever

One of the best platformers out there. Only shows ads after you finish the last level of a world. And its also free. The graphics are simple and smooth and the gameplay is fun.

I like this game. It a training game of logic.The controls are good,the characters are good, the obstacles good and the most perfect thing is the story! I can’t wait the next story

Very good game. I don’t really understand the negative reviews, because this game was so fun to play, plus almost no lag! I love that you can make your own worlds / levels, and it’s not that hard either. This game is more challenging than the last one, but nothing too crazy, with moderately easy to learn mechanics. The glitching felt kind of overused, but it’s ok. Can’t wait for the next one!

The game itself is a five star rating, just like “a light in the shadows”, but in chapter 10 levels 4+, when you die past the checkpoint, you lose your special ability, which makes the level impossible. Please fix this. Edit: do not know if this is a coincidence, but they fixed my problem the day after I wrote this review!

OMG THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!! The first game was also amazing! ( a light in the shadows/darkness*doesnt remember*) but unlike most multiple parted games, you dont need to play them in order. You dont even have to play both of them to have the story line make sense. Of course, i dont know why you wouldnt, because the games are amazing! The story line is a little confusing, but its so investing, and i really hope last quarter makes another one!! Definitely play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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