Cats in Time – Your goal is to find all the cats

[Game] Cats in Time – Relaxing Puzzle

Cats in Time  Winner of the Google Play Indie Games Festival 2021!

Hello explorers!

My name is Professor Tim Edger, and I’m the inventor of the time machine and an avid cat lover! Sadly, I have a problem, and maybe YOU can help me.

You see, my beloved cats are missing. While playing in the lab, they’ve activated my time machine and zap, now they are lost in space and time! You have to travel from ancient Egypt, all the way to the streets of late 20. century New York, and even beyond the present – to future Tokyo.

Your goal is to find all the cats! Please be careful; these cats are really good at hiding.

Save more than 290 cats hiding in the most unusual of places.

Solve amazing puzzles and riddles to save all the trapped cats.

Escape to seven distinctive locations set in different ages.

Listen to the relaxing sounds of the period while exploring.

The first two levels from the each time period (14 in total!) are completely free to play! Unfortunately, the time machine is expensive to run, so the rest can be unlocked with a single purchase later.

Take your time (heh), and enjoy the trip!
Professor Tim E.

Cats in Time user reviews :

Love this game! The dev team is awesome! Solving the puzzle to get the cats out is very fun and creative. Not too difficult, though. Only a few of chapters are free, others are watch add and some are paid. But for a very very small amount, you get a lot of levels, without adds and unlimited hints. I like this startegy. Some suggestions: there are glitches in the hints, making them unusable. From the stage window I cannot exit without closing the game.

While it’s a fun game, the ads are absolutely crazy! In order to play a level, you have to watch an ad. Don’t remember if you finished a level, well ya gotta watch another ad just to go back in it. There’s technically 4 levels in each area but only if you buy the other 2 levels. Game lives off microtransactions like EA and gets ad revenue up the wazoo.

I love hidden object/puzzle games so i thought this would be super cute because you get to save kitties! I had no trouble playing this game. Once i was done with all the levels available i went back to find all the postcards i missed. I can’t wait for more levels and i have a wish/suggestion to the wonderful developers, i love the orange kitty but what about other colors/combinations? I think it would be fun and cute seeing the different kitties

I own this game on both Steam and mobile – paid for both. I love this style of puzzle game and Cats in Time does it in a very enjoyable way. It’s not very hard – great for when you want to work your brain a little bit. The levels are well-designed and really fun to just click around in and look at. You can tell the devs put a lot of love and care into this game’s design

This game simply has too many ads. The game is a fun and engaging idea, but the fact that I have to not only watch an ad to play a level, but I also have to watch ads multiple times to re-enter a level if I were to forget one of the extra pieces. I understand as a developer, ads are your main source of money, but that’s ridiculous. Not only that but I can’t even play half the levels without paying more money. Again, I understand… I’ve developed apps as well. But there is a fine line.

Fun, addictive. Make more levels! It crashes on the last level, might want to fix that to be a more elegant finish. Also, it is a battery suck. Makes my phone very hot and drains the battery. Didn’t deter me from playing it. Just knew not to when I didn’t have a charger handy.

Great game but quick to finish. I enjoyed the game it’s very relaxing but I had finished the levels in a few hours even purchasing the additional levels. The collector pieces don’t seem to have anywhere for them to be assembled and the new content doesn’t have a start date so I’m now a fiver out of pocket without any knowledge of when I can complete it

This game is great BUT there are not many levels and to get more levels they charge $2 per new extra levels. Still after the purchase there are not many levels. The puzzle play and graphics are phenomenal. But hate watching an ad after every level and then to play more you need to buy.

This game is great not too challenging, yet not too easy either. I paid for the full version after only playing a few levels and it’s worth it. This reminds of the “door origins” game except you have to find cats and there are a lot of them. And the fact that they’re actually rescuing real cats with proceeds is awesome! Looking forward to new levels

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