Chameleon Evolution – Meet these amazing animal magicians

[Game] Chameleon Evolution – Pet Merge

Chameleon Evolution

Welcome the MASTERS OF DISGUISE, the ILLUSIONISTS of mother nature, the bold and fearless hiders… If you can spot them, of course. Yes, the CHAMELEONS are finally in the Evolution serie!

In this AMAZING game, put the chameleons of the same species together and discover several different species of this clever, clever reptile! Paint your chameleons and make this adventure REALLY COLORFUL!

Pantheon: a place for supreme beings to look down on us mortals and laugh at our misery
Impostors: watch out for FAKE chameleons trying to steal the spotlight from the real ones… Will you recognize them?

Paint the chameleons as you like and free your creativity!
Chase daily rewards and score higher!
Gatcha! Open the magic boxes and earn bonus hats!
Travel between two different planets and meet all kinds of chameleons there!

Enjoy this mind blowing mission and meet these amazing animal magicians!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Chameleon Evolution user reviews :

The game is great, but I have minor problems with hats (they are different when I pick them) and with mars because instead of chameleons I have hamsters. Please fix it because this game is my life, thanks

This game is really good just like shark and dinosaur evolution and many others but this is one of the easiest ones which is not an issue if you made it a tiny bit harder it would not be too bad but if you made it a lot harder like all the other ones it will be going to hell

I used to adore this game and I just re-downloaded it but the app shuts itself off as soon as I click open ;(. I can’t even accept the terms and agreements fast enough before it shuts down.

It’s a good game, all of these Evolution games are. There seems to be a problem with the aliens though. I don’t think they’re meant to look like koalas.

this game is so good but little problem there is to much ads but anyway overall its a good game if the adds were minamul and not to much it would be a full 5 stars but since the adds are like they are

I have been playing for a while now but all off a sudden it just stopped working and it always exits me out when it loading.

Love it, very creative, very colorful, i love reptiles and such.

Everyone I open any app from this company it crashes and brings me back to my home screen

This game is broken to me! When i was at that alien planet, it shows the hamster evolution. I dont know what happened. Pls fix this for me.

I would give this game 5 stars, but the amount a derp hurts my heart, its so cute, with all of the evo games this company makes, so mean

I love chameleons. and I love games. perfect mix. and a great time waster

I love chameleons because they can change color to be the prettiest in the world

Absolutely adorable little game-love these Tapp Evolution Games!!

Chameleon Are My Favorite Creature Love It! Thank You MUCH! Y’all Are Awesome!

I think it is a good game but it is not so realistic.

this game is so awesome you guys should play it to

How do you get sun points? I’ve discovered pantheon and no clue as what to do in it

I really appreciate it the color evolution

I like chameleons and bearded dragons great time killer

Chameleons and Lizards lay eggs and this is a One types lizards and this evolution the chameleon not show the tongue

The alien part is bugged it is the mouse ailens

The new update changed my aliens into hamsters! Just like in the bird evolution! Help! 5 stars when fixed.

First game I ever got on my phone, and funny story, if you can call it that. The game keeps you interested in moving forward to see what new chameleons you can get! The game is very replayable too.

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