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[Game] Champion Strike Crypto Arena

Champion Strike Crypto ArenaCompete against players all around the world in real-time.

Champion Strike:Crypto Arena is a 1v1 real-time PvP strategy simulation game with a controllable Champion aspect.

Strategize your battle with the simple Champion control until the battle is over!
Become the best strategist by creating a deck with your champion including about 60 different types of cards competing in the Crypto Arena.
The unpredictable battle at the Crypto Arena with a controllable champion and strategic Cards combinations will excite players all over the world!

Game Features

Get STRICO, which is the game token of Champion Strike: Crypto Arena!
STRICO is a new-concept digital asset that can be used for game content by exchanging STAR(In-game Resource) to achieve Play & Earn and to access a variety of content within the game.

Earn STAR in Crypto Arena!
Compete against players from all over the world to earn STAR!
STAR can be exchanged for STRICO at the STRICO Exchange, and the higher your skill, the more opportunities you have to exchange for STRICO compared to other players!
STAR is an essential element for upgrading your champions and cards and will be available to use in a variety of contents in the near future.

Fight for STAR at the Star Battle!
Star Battle is the brutal arena where players battle for STAR!
The Winner Takes All!

Watch the live match and predict the winner at the same time!
Watch the exciting live match in Star Battle and guess the winner to earn a huge amount of STAR!

Challenge to become the Top Ranker in the world!
Join the Crypto Arena now! and compete against high ranking players around the world to become the Top Ranker!
Become the Top Ranker to enjoy fame and wealth and win special rewards for each season!

Complete unique and powerful cards decks that perfectly synergize with your champion!
One Champion and a deck of eight Cards is the key foundation of your strategy to win in World Battle.
Each time you upgrade your champions and cards, you are one step closer to becoming the Top Ranker!

Get rewards from a variety of events!
Discover cards and emojis from the Season Pass and Medal Race, as well as enjoy the game in different ways in a variety of event modes!
Participate in many events to get a wide range of rewards.

Champion Strike Crypto Arena user reviews :

Please fix the crash that if we found an opponent , i always experience crash (force close) and it won’t be open in a few moments , hope that you can fix it as soon as possible so we all the Champion Strike : Crypto Arena players can enjoy playing without any doubt or worries about force closing again

I just experienced a bug while battling an opponent. Thr game just forced exit the app. When I got to the loading page it crashed again.

Loved the original game and this version is a lot more polished and smooth. Involving crypto is genius. Love the wager system. Hopefully you guys bring back some of characters like Orc Chemist and Orc Warlord.

This game has a glitch where it seems to match 4 x 4 in a 2 x 2 game please fix this. There is someone else controlling my players!!

Game is good but it keeps crashing. It’s new so I understand, will change rating after it’s fixed.

yeah glitches while in the battle your hero always delay fuvck this game. Suck in the battle… Bigbig win to the devs and his team. One more thing no roi .. season pass was a trapdoor

For now it’s very fun to play it remind me of game i love to play so much CR.. Hope it continues to improve and give lots fun for gamers like us..

from start downloading until start playing i don’t have encounter problems…Good Game More…more…power character need… Keep the good work guys …

I’ll update later. But after reading the reviews it’s not looking like it’s a finished game. Give it time my peeps, I’ll post after I’ve played and fix this review.

So you created another game and this one butter new comers very nicely it’s to bad that there going against ppl who have been to master lvl like my self and champion are in brown box do have any idea how many ads I had to go through EVERYDAY I BOUGHT THE SEASON PAST OVER THERE!!!

I played another game like this before but this one is way way way better!!!!!!! It makes me excited to see who’s going to win definitely ENTERTAINING

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