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Chessis ChessIs is a Chess Analysis app that allows you to

Analyze your games and get game reports
Analyze chess positions with Stockfish Engine
Detect Blunders, Mistakes, Missed Wins, Best Moves, etc
Play chess against Computer according to your level.
Setup Board Positions (Board Editor) and analyze them
Open Pgn files (PGN Viewer)
Get blunder alerts and learn why it was a blunder
Add multiple engine lines
Play engine lines
Customize board color and pieces
Analyze your chess games from or Lichess
Export Annotated Pgn
Adjust “Game Report Depth”
Games database with the ability to search fen in games
Add Oex engines
Change Engines settings like hash value and threads
List of all chess openings to explore
Play chess on the clock or set engine think time
Avg CPL on game reports
Analyze games on either time or depth
Show Threats
Accuracy %

ChessIs is one of the best Chess Analyzer app. It helps you to improve your chess by analyzing your games and providing you game reports which contain Blunders, Missed Wins, Best Moves, etc. It not only tells you where you made a blunder but also tells why that was a blunder.

To support the app we offer a Pro version with some extra benefits. The pro version is affordable and has a one-time payment option so you don’t have to pay monthly or yearly, just cab pay once and get the pro version forever.
Most features of the app are free but you get some extra benefits with the Pro version:

Play/Show “Why Blunder” Line
Play Engine Lines
Enable NNUE
Add unlimited engine lines
Adjust “Game Report Depth”
Adjust “Game Report Time”
Deep Analysis
While Playing show each move strength
While Playing get a mistakes alert as well
No Ads
Analyze unlimited games forever!

Note: Deep analysis provides much more accurate and consistent results compare to quick analysis.

So Let’s Analyze Chess with the ChessIs app!!!

You can expect lots of improvements and new features in the future! If you have any suggestions or need help, please feel free to email me at chessimprovementapps[at], Thank you

Chessis user reviews :

It’s ok, could use a rotate board button in the editor. What’s really annoying is how it nags for update, which cannot be turned off. I checkmated and it only says it’s an “ok move” rather than “the best”, just because I didn’t checkmate with the other queen like computer wanted me to. Every checkmate move should be seen as “the best”.

  • Hi Harsh, “Rotate Board” button is already there (please see below the delete button!) On checkmate with other than suggested move app acknowledge that as “Excellent move” which is almost equivalent to best move! (I will consider it to show it as the best move!). For more info please email me at chessimprovementapps[at] Have a great day!

Great app! Other apps doesn’t even allow “Hint” without showing ads, but this app provides most awesome features for free! I agree, App do need some UI improvements but to support the awesome work of developer I would give it 5-stars and buy the pro version. I suggest you to please add 3D view. Thank you

  • Hi Prem, Thank you so much for your inspiring feedback and support It really helps me to do my best and keep improving the app! adding the 3D view is already on my to-do list and I will try to improve the UI as well. If you need any assistance with the app, please feel free to email me at chessimprovementapps[at] Thank you

This app is the best in the universe. hahaha…no other engine can survive against it. Very strong and highly sensitive/accurate. Graphics excellent. No human mind reasoning can withstand against it. hahaha Just continue increasing the engine power so that it remain the best in the universe. I give it five stars.

  • Hi ELIPHALA, Thank you so much for your generous feedback and 5-star ratings Glad to know that you liked the app so much! I will try my best to keep improving the app! If you need any assistance with the app, please feel free to email me at chessimprovementapps[at] Thanks, Have a nice day

Kindly support eBoard connectivity via bluetooth. Other chess apps nowadays support eboards such as Chessnut Air, DGT Pegasus, Millennium eOne, Square Off Pro, etc. These eBoard manufacturers provide their SDK/API to chess app developers. Don’t get left behind. More improvement needed: 1.) Ability for AI to resign at expert level and above. 2.) Apply three fold repetition as a draw. 3.) Master level should not blunder in simple pawn endgame. I won a drawn K+P vs K endgame against 2600 level.

  • Hi Arnel, Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. Currently, I am working on some other awesome features but Adding eBoard support is already on my to-do list! The three-fold repetition rule applies when you offer draw. I have added all your suggestions to my to-do list! For further info please email me at chessimprovementapps[at]

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