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ChordU  Learn chords for millions of songs and play along with your favourite instruments.


Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Mandolin Chords.
Simple & advanced version of chords.
Diagram Slider
Full chord sheet with auto scroll.
Capo / Transpose
Choose between Flats, Sharps or Both.
Get personalised track recommendations.
Add to loved tracklist
& many more.

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ChordU user reviews :

I just subscribed to chordu today, I’ve used it for a while and its been great. now when I’m in the app and I tap on the settings top right of app to select options to just gives me an X. Tap that it goes back to the 3 bars tap that and I get the x again. I have Uninstalled the app and reinstalled 3 times . The rest of the app seems to work fine but I can’t make any selections. I have restarted my tablet that doesn’t work. what could be wrong. It worked fine till I subscribed. Please help

Yes, I can find the chords for the keys i want, though they don’t give u the exact chords ( eg: F instead of F#m7). At least I can find the chords for songs i learn from this app… bcos when u adjust the tranpose, the chords shown change simultaneouly.

same with me, after logging in I can search for other songs and now I can’t, even though I’m a premium member, why?

Please allow all songs, some new songs can not open, your app chords finding is very good please access my request

I usually use this app to find guitar chords. But nowadays, I couldn’t use it properly. Bcuz whenever I search a song,it says “oops please try it again. When I use another app, I can find it in short time. Overall I really like this app. And I hope you can fix it as soon as possible. Thank You. God bless you.

As a professional musician, I love this Chord U app! Works great on a firestick/large TV too : ) Not perfect everytime with chords, but pretty high accuracy overall. Developer: I’m getting an “Oops” message when trying to login on different devices as soon as I hit the “Login with Gmail” option….any fix coming in the next version for this?
  • ChordU
  • Glad to hear from you. :) We are sorry that you had to face such an issue. Can you please take a screenshot of the alternate device with the “Oops” message and send it to We will look into it right away and resolve it. Thank you for being with us.

I honestly love this app, and so far there have been no adds which is great but my only complaint would be the videos. They are constantly freezing up and it’s annoying. But they have all the songs I like that other apps don’t so thats why this app deserves 5 stars.

The ads are annoying, but it provides pretty good, basic chord recognition for a lot of music and allows you to play along in real time which is a big motivator for a new musician. It gives you something else to play instead of just the dirge that beginners usually are subjected to.
  • ChordU
  • Hi, thanks for your review. We are improving and bringing ChordU Premium with lots of new features & ad free experiences.

The app is truly amazing, but recently I’ve been facing some problems loging in through Facebook. Everytime I try to login with Facebook the app crashes and doesn’t connect. Please fix the issue. Thank you.

I really like the app but there are some songs that I cannot get the chords when Im using my phone but when I use my laptop I can do stuff that my phone can’t. And there is a bug that happens when I play a song the screen turns black and keeps flickering.

This app is so awesome I love this app I’m not struggling looking for each and every song chords anymore though not all Songs shows up there chords but it’s okay you can check that small problem otherwise this is a good app for for million of songs I suggest my fellow Musicians to install this amazing app awesome job I give this app 5 star because this app deserve it.
  • ChordU
  • Thank you

Really good app easy to get on with gives a really good insight into chords and very good diagrams and chords.

Anybody who complains about this app is a tw.t .when I was learning anything it was,stylus on the record then sit there trying to work stuff out . Here some one has done the hard work for you , To the lads great app easy to use for me it’s the bollox . Thank you
  • ChordU
  • Thank you

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