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[Game] Chronicle of Infinity

Chronicle of Infinity  Open Beta: April 7, 2022

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To fend off the Obsidian Army’s ongoing violent attack, the Astral Alliance was summoning a powerful Alliance Guardian.
You, a Guardian, responded to the call, came to Astrapolis…

Redefines ARPG industry standard with revolutionary graphic and combat experience
Killing special effects blast your screen
Breathtaking Ultimate skills with fancy animations
Suit up! Transform into the Armor Status!

When 150-player PVP meets intensive Battle Royale
In Apex Guerilla, you win or you die
Wealth, Fame, Exclusive Title! Winner take’em all!

Farm Legendary Equipments in 100% Random Dungeons
The Dungeon will have its structure randomly generated everytime
Random Monster, Chests, NPC, Entrances and etc. All Random!
Special Rewards and well-designed traps

The fate of an Open World relies upon your decision
Random events in the Dynamic Sandbox world
Immersive MMORPG experience: your action matters!
Numerous Easter Eggs hidden in different corners over the world

The wings and pets are your best guardians
Your avians will transform to a pair of wings when you are in danger
With the cuttest appearance, the pet deals the most brutal damage

Chronicle of Infinity user reviews :

The game is great but… 1) The sound effects are lame, I just can’t feel the impact of the skills. 2) The enemies are too weak. You can just spam skills and they’re dead. Definitely not thrilling. 3) Dungeons are short, it’s boring. It would be better if you add mini puzzles to make it more interesting, like pushing levers or finding an item to move forward, something like that. 4) There is no death animation on my character. I have no reaction nor the enemies when they’re hit with skills. Meh.

The game has wonderful character and world design, making it aesthetically pleasing. There are some slight bugs, as expected from a game in beta. Notably, it occasionally doesn’t register tasks as complete, which is fine if it’s just text, but annoying when it’s a battle. This may be due to internet issues on the client side. Another thing is that the text for the quest that requires you to beat 3-1 says 1-3 (as of 7th April. Since level cap is 39 rn I can’t comment on features for higher levels

This is quite phenomenal for a beta test. Character customization is decent, though I’d like it if you could customize your character’s body, not just the head, toggle auto battle that only switches on when you tell it to, seamless login, and gorgeous graphics. Puzzles and all are seriously challenging but that’s what forges a brilliant game. Looking forward to what’s to come

Great graphics, dynamic level up system, but some bugs. It’s to be expected though since it’s still in beta. I currently am having an issue where my game freezes and I can’t do anything but close the game. I was able to play earlier and enjoyed myself but I’m stuck with constant freezes and crashes now. Still the game is still in it’s early stages so it’s still worth the play. I’ll keep playing for some time to see how the game progresses.

Really sci-fi with an ancient history incorporated into it. The story is really good despite just being in beta version. Kinda expensive right now because of the company needing money to further improve their game. If you don’t have a phone with good graphics;then you shouldn’t play really agressive and let your phone process the game. The controls for moving your character is really good. Also has a nice system of Warframe like equipment and ancient like people as characters.

It is not a type of game I play but it looked great. I do recommend adding text instructions in the tutorial for hearing impaired and people like me that can’t play with sound, the print is also so small that it is difficult to read. Great character design, company choreography, graphics, music, and voice acting.

It’s a good game with 90 fps option that you don’t find usually. On ultra setting it look awesome. Below are the things which I liked :- 1. Graphics 2. Effects 3. Controls are responsive. Which I think can be improved/added :- Please add some good attack sound like lost ark has. Please also add some more classes. For now I’m giving 4 star

It’s absolutely amazing. Not gonna talk about graphics or visuals. The contents of the game are really great, events, battles,gathering and exploring, controls and specially stories, hidden achievements and character designs. Regarding to stories or world quests, it’s been a while when I really get into stories in games, the stories makes me really want to finish it, while exploring the vast world.

Latest Update :

New Gameplay: [Ruin] Added Celestial Chest / Monsters Invasion
New Gameplay: [War Mount] Added the filter function by Rank

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