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Chrono TravelersPlay now to enjoy tons of exclusive rewards including rare ingredients, costume and Spirit!

Start playing Chrono Travelers today! Step into a near-futuristic open world, where the convergence of ancient celestial spirits and cutting-edge technology paints a realm of wonder and enigma. Venture forth with your companions to explore this vast realm, challenge bosses powered by futuristic tech and the essence of the stars, and uncover the hidden mysteries.

A World Without Boundaries
From bustling metropolises to ancient relics, traverse every corner of this expansive realm at will. Encounters with various celestial beings and mysterious tech may pave the way for new, exhilarating adventures.

Spirit Combat Dynamics
Harness the powers of the spirits. Each spirit boasts unique skills and attributes. Using them strategically will be your ticket to triumph in combat.

Summon the Gods
Call upon gods to boost your strength in battle. Each god brings unique powers and a cool look. They’ll stand by you to overcome tough challenges.

Tailor Your Persona
In this futuristic setting, battles aren’t the only allure. Personalize your character with bespoke attire and gear, showcasing your distinct style and flair.

Socialize & Conquer
Team up with players globally to challenge formidable bosses and share in the joys of exploration. In this boundless realm, camaraderie extends beyond the battlefield; forge profound bonds and cherish the deep connections you build.

As you stand atop the peaks of the world, gazing over a land where the old meets the new, its allure may captivate you indefinitely. But remember, your quest to unravel every enigma and stand united with your companions against all odds is paramount.

Forge ahead, chrono travelers, for your adventure has just begun!

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Chrono Travelers user reviews :

It has potential. The fighting gameplay is alright but the interacting with NPCs/objects is pretty annoying. The story is fairly good but pretty fast, but the big problem is I keep getting disconnected. I don’t know if it’s the game or my cruddy Internet though. But I really think with a lot of work and polishing, this game can be really good! I’ll keep it a bit longer to see if it improves, but if it doesn’t I’ll probably uninstall.

It’s not the worst game I’ve played but it’s pretty bad. Once you get past the cute exterior it’s pretty standard shovelware that’s covered in microtransactions and with impressively bad voice acting. I can’t even fault the actors as I’m not sure many of them spoke English before reading the lines. I hit level 100 in half an hour and I’ve just tapped the screen a few times.

Game is fun when i can play, but haven’t been able to play in 3 days. Was #1 in my guild which was consistently top 10 since launch. Constantly freezes while booting up and has been a major issue since launch. Just going to uninstall since i miss out on login bonuses because the game doesn’t work. May return if these issues are fixed.

On one hand, it runs smoothly, the guest sign in is fine, and you can turn off auto-battling and the like. On thr other, there is no story or sense of direction to what happens, leading it all to seem rather pointless. Some assets are also very clearly out of place, like the “panicked villagers” who is one man with a blank, :| expression… and so on.

I rarely write a review on game but when i do, its can be either very good or very bad. Which in this case its very bad. Server lags so much even with good internet. I know it is just one of those afk games but if i can’t even get a proper experience on a game then might as well not play it. I’ll consider to change the rate if you can fix this server issue. So much for a newly launched game. Edited: Good job on fixing the server issues. Hopefully the game have its potential to go further.

The game is good.But since it recently uploaded I cant say much about the story but it seems promising!The game aesthetic looks very 90s style which isnt very much like the review pictures. Also I feel like the game isnt very beginner friendly enough as there isnt much info on how something might work(Ex:the flying mechanisms,if there is one).The screen is also very loaded with things and events which can be confusing.PS:please change the game loading screen like miss you booba is showing

Not the worst game I’ve played, but it could be better. It crashes nonstop and constantly logs me out. I’ve tried different wifi and stronger connection to see if it was an issue on my part but it’s just the game. My phone keeps notifying me to uninstall or put the app to sleep because it crashes so much.

Game is fun but has serious issues. The vip system is over complicated and hard to understand. I touch chat and get forced into groups you cant leave and lose rewards if you do. Game lags or refreshes from crash you lose your rare chances for events and bosses. Its easy to lose important chances rewards without doing anything wrong and easy to make mistakes. Also only customer service is thru facebook i dont use it or want it

Okay lemme get this straight, I love the game, however.. What makes this game boring is that there are too much auto playing like you can’t even do your own battle and do your own pre style comboing even got in the point that I am now level 192 just in one day , and also the map is good but is like almost the same as any other rpg Games like ragnarok and epic conquest, character design all look the same small chub cute, I would like if it was slightly taller and have lot of different classes

Interface and character are looking nice and beautiful. But as soon as game starts it get stuck. I hope they fix it soon. Edit : developer are very nice they fix it the problem now and gaming is running smoothly.

  • Hi there, the server issue caused by the game’s overwhelming popularity has been resolved! AP servers are now accessible as usual. As compensation, you can use the in-game gift code “Chrono2023” to claim your rewards! Lastly, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us on Facebook for assistance: @chronotravelers

The game is Awesome, however, about the Auto-Battling thingy, I suggest that you let the gamer choose yes if the player wants to auto-battle, and no if not. Do you all know how to hide the chat? Beacuse its been troubling me sometimes lol. Also, about the Auto-Routing(or something), it’s the same as the Auto-Battling thingy, however it is sometimes helpful for me.

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