City Smash 2 – Unleash chaos and destruction

[Game] City Smash 2

City Smash 2Get ready to unleash chaos and destruction on an even grander scale in the sequel to the smash-hit app, City Smash!

City Smash 2 takes everything you loved about the original and cranks up the intensity to epic proportions. Prepare yourself to rampage through a sprawling metropolis, leaving a trail of devastation in your wake!

City Smash 2 user reviews :

It’s frickin awesome! Granted it is glitchy, but that may be due towhat I’m playing it on. The controls for the tank is easy to learn, same with the Apache. My recommendation for the update is have an aiming laser for the Apache and also have the ability to turn and aim the gun and rockets for the Apache independently. Also can you have a casualty count, as well as radioactive Fallout from the nukes?

I LOVE it, it makes city smash now 3d to update it like of the other games but there are a limited amount of weapons and a very small space, can you expand the map like putting a suburb and etc. Last thing is like seeing cars go into the parking lot or out and police responding to the destruction we do or when we place a bomb down and not just stand there and finally when I put down a tank and etc, the news always sees it? How? Just when like when people see it then the news can say. it’s great

This game is good. But it’ll be cool if you add some emergency services that manage the city or else the traffic would just pile up. You could also add defences to the city so it would be cool to play around with.

Very good, but this game looks very awesome! I basically like this game because it’s three dimensional and realistic cars and tanks like you’re playing GTA or Call of Duty. Nonetheless, this game is rated 10/10 with the music added. The developers of the game ‘City Smash’ have done a great job making the game with buildings, bus stops, post boxes, billboards and parks. I wish a brick should be added to the game next time.

The tank and gunship make me feel like I’m playing Call of Duty with destructible buildings. I assume more maps/levels and weapons are gonna be added in the future, so I won’t take away points for a slight lack of content, as the things already in the game are well-made and polished.

Great game! No bugs at all. But my only problem is performance issues with different devices. But even with this issue, The game is still fantastic to play! I hope this will get improved in the future too!

The first one was amazing but this is a whole new level the amount of detail put into this is very good for a mobile game and the best part is that it’s 3D.So I didn’t expect this much work to be put into a game that got released A FEW DAYS AGO so I would recommend this game a lot.

This game is amazing! Knew I had to play it when it came out. Especially the military viechles and machinery. The mechanics are nice and smooth. The graphics are sublime if you max them out. I just have 1 request for the developers. Please work solar smash, or update It regularly?

I love this new game its better than the last and I love the helicopter build board Easter egg they should make the spaceship an actual weapon because there is only limited build boards to crash a helicopter into. Also we need more maps like please add the bridge and add the space station from room smash or a city from one of the trapist planets also more weapons we need more weapons I completely understand this is a new game that’s why it’s still 5 stars but I’m just saying our wants and needs

Love the game but it feels a bit under done, it just released so I’m sure this will get better but my only other complaint is the building physics are… questionable, this is a big step for paradyme but physics engine is still a bit poor, I love the game though, keep it up

Love it, like how when you use the controllable weapons where you can move around, it puts you in the city, and it is awesome. You should add a Skibidi toilet as a controllable weapon

A very great and also fun game to play! I had never expected a second city smash. Also, what’s with the jet that I got for a second after crashing the Apache? Update: I went back in and repeated what I had thought I did to get the jet, I went into the Apache and flew at a billboard, and I had the jet again.

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