Clash of Stickman – Evolve your stickman army

[Game] Clash of Stickman – Evolution

Clash of StickmanUnleash the Fury of the Stickman in Epic Battles Through the Ages!

Master the Art of War with “Clash of Stickman”, the revolutionary strategy game where iconic Stickman figures clash in hilarious yet strategic battles across the ages.

Evolve your stickman army:

Start with primitive caveman warriors and dinosaur riders in the Stone Age.
Advance to the Iron Age with legendary Spartan warriors.
Conquer the Modern Age with unstoppable tanks and futuristic robots.
Utilize a unique food-based resource system to strategically summon and strengthen your stickman troops.

Dominate the battlefield with cunning tactics and clever formations. Outsmart your opponents in thrilling battles or challenging campaign mode.

Embrace the stickman revolution! Download “Clash of Stickman” now and become the ultimate stickman general!

Clash of Stickman user reviews :

The game is pretty much impossible to play, upgrades are expensive and you earn very little money during the levels so you end up watching ads to double rewards and coins. If you don’t you’ll never be able to upgrade anything. Levels last seconds as the team you’re attacking seem to have unlimited funds and sends a massive horde once you get near their base. Unsure what game everyone was playing that left 5* reviews but it certainly isn’t this one!

Terrible game.Imagine playing a game where you have one unit. Now, your opponent has 10. That 1 unit is only equal in strength to one of your opponents. Your money fills up so slowly you’re incapable of having a second unit even. Now,that speed goes up about 0.1% faster with each upgrade to the money and you can only get 2 coins per wave and it takes 100. That’s what it’s like to play this game.

Its a great game but just after I reached timeline 4 my game reset I thought it was just a glitch so I closed the game and reopened it and I was back at the beginning of the game so I played for a few hours and got back to timeline 2 and left my phone on charge for a few hours and reopened the game and I’d been reset again Hopefully this bug can be fixed and I can play again

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Game is grindy but fun when you can get a tank and just go back to the first age and shoot them with a tank I’m currently waiting for timeliness three to release though so I’m just getting stronger for when it does but the best part is that there are no forced ads and you can choose what age you want to fight so let’s say your with a ufo you can just send a whole ufo to some cavemen who don’t know what’s going on then just obliterate them but remember that the harder the enemy’s the more gold.

You need to watch advert to make progress (numerous adverts). Game itself does not have advert, but to defeat any stage, YOU MUST watch advert or you can be on level one for one week hahaha

Just an Age of War rip off that charges you for the original’s basic functionalities. Your base starts off at 2 hp and you gotta pay to increase it, or even unlock ranged or mounted units. You earn like 25 coins per match initially, so that takes forever. Would not recommend

Can’t say, the game has potential but it’s way to tough can’t get past level 1 even after days of playing & the ads don’t even work

I like it, have tried several games of this elk, and not saying this one is the best, but the I’m still working on beating it. Good enough to keep me involved and that’s saying something these days.

I’m changing my mind for this, I have gotten a strategy and these buffs I can are so good and also I got to the second timeline and I got to the cybernetic unity I’m really excited for the third timeline that has yet to come

I’ve had a lot of fun, with no forced ads, I definitely recommend this game

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