Coffee Shop 3D – Serve series of perfect cups

[Game] Coffee Shop 3D

Coffee Shop 3DHow about a cup of aromatic coffee?

This game shows you the crazy barista’s routine using cool animations, graphics, and sounds.

Make coffee using various cooking utensils step by step. Serve series of perfect cups with unique designs. Learn how to make the best coffee in town.

Coffee Shop 3D user reviews :

Ok, don’t get me wrong, the concept of this game is really cute and fun. The graphics are good. But one thing. It’s so laggy!!! I know its the game and not my phone because larger games and apps work better and are less laggy than this game. I like most of the games they make but not this one. It’s also very easy to level up so if youre looking for a game thats difficult to level up, I dont recommend this one. It was also very hard to control and the coffee just went everywhere. Don’t install!

Too many ads! You literally can’t move on from one level to another without getting at least 2 ads lasting 30 seconds each. I have had this game for 5 minutes and I have already uninstalled it because it got really annoying. On game adverts etc… it came up with is game, and when I downloaded it, the actual game itself is completely different to the ad. Don’t rate this game at all!

I just finished the first level it’s not moving to second one it’s just keep on stuck to fill the first one without moving to second it’s really a bad game I have ever played I thought it would be great but I was absolutely wrong on choosing this game. Pls check the problem and bring this properly .This was really great idea of making this type of game. I was very happy when I say this but it doesn’t work so correct ur mistake and bring this back with great..

It’s a pretty decent game with how the liquid flows when you are making the symbol. However, this game is packed with ads. I completed one level and I had to watch 3 ads, two straight after the level and one from a gift box. If you hate ads do not download.

This game is awesome and amazing. But the problem is that we can get the best price so i think at after 5 to 6 levels at least one best priv eshould be given . There are ads but not too many 1 after 4 to 5 levels. Pls improve the problem. And try to solve my problem.

A very frustrating game. Levels, once completed, require watching an ad, which often stalls the game, before it logs them as completed. Furthermore, you must watch 10 ads to win a new look for your cup or pitcher. I wasted hours winning every style of coffee cup, only to discover the game is unplayable.

This game used to be amazing! But the update made it worse its harder to move the foam and way too many ads! If you want a game with a lot of ads where you cant finish a level this is perfect for you!

I quite like the game my only complaint is that there is WAYYY too many ads, Hopefully you will add less ads in the future. If you add less ads then if will be more playable and enjoyable. But besides from the ads its amazing i really enjoy it.

Its an alright game grafics our good, but the only thing i dont like about it is the ads. After every level you need to watch an ad also when you get an mystery box you dont get it you have to watch an ad!

I LOVE this game I downloaded it yesterday and I’ve already finished it with 3 stars for every level and I unlocked all the cups and the other things, I wish there was more levels rather than just playing through the game again and I don’t mind the ads.

Would have given it 5 stars but its not as perfect as i thought it would be. It glitches and too much adds. But the rest is pretty good those are the only two problems i would fix.

This app used to be amazing, it was very addictive. But now there’s too many ads that you can’t even play the game or make one coffee without about 4 ads popping up. I used to love this game, but the ads ruined it.

I really like this game. And it is supper fun but their are a lot of adds and the levels could be a bit more challenging. Other than that it is a pretty fun game and I would recommend downloading it.

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