Collect all characters – Conquer every city

[Game] Three Kingdoms Rush – Collect all characters

Collect all characters  Tap the screen, easy-to-fight and relaxed offline game, up to more than 10 skills, 180 characters of the Three Kingdoms are waiting for you to challenge!

Each character can be won through battle victory, constantly upgrade to make yourself stronger, combine to recruit stronger characters, and conquer every city!

Collect characters

Collect powerful characters to fight easily
Combine characters to obtain legendary character
Collect designated characters to get a lot of rewards

Promote character

Level up to increase attributes
Upgrade character to get a lot of attributes
Upgrade skills to win easily
Awakening character unlocks exclusive abilities

Magic equipment

Challenge characters to build equipment
Flexible selection of various equipment
Powerful equipment to defeat the enemy

Battle confrontation

Pay attention to enemy skills
Reasonable choice of attack timing
Choose the right character to win the battle

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Collect all characters user reviews :

it is fun, offline and all.. BUT !! even though it is a game, how could you make Zhang Fei to be weaker than Pan Feng ?? so weird.. panfeng is a retainer of Han Fu, and not better than Liao Hua or Mi Fang and many more. a third class officer. this is so weird. but i am hoping to see Ma Chao is like. haha this game is funny and weird..

One word to describe this game: “simple”. I am currently playing this game and I don’t really know about the storyline, but the characters are so cute. It’s easy to control and so far it is not p2w game. But it’s kinda boring and I think dev should add tutorial or instruction? I don’t know how to get token or iron or etc… Cannot find the information on the game. But overall, it’s still good game to kill time.

Plus point – simplicity and easy to understand – offline game and not p2w type, gold coin can be obtain via lvl up – balance gameplay as in early game just brute strength, mid stage need to lvl and use proper character, late game rely on combination of equipment. Suggestion – adding story line make the gameplay more interesting – making the horse equipable rather than a character itself and able to boost general ability – sound effect while generals ability and skikl triggered such as crit etc

I’m enjoying it so far. The main thing I have an issue with is that Zhang Fei is weak compared to most warriors in the long run. Is there no way to have him match or surpass his current firm? Pan Feng is stronger than him for Pete’s sake :(
  • tinyStar
  • You can awaken Zhang Fei and wear equipment. Of course, you need to change the corresponding role in the map in the later stage to easily pass the map.
Really fun time killer. I like the simplicity of the fights. Wish there was a tutorial or something because I don’t know what some of the items are for.
  • tinyStar
  • Thanks for your suggestion

Cool game, but i gave 4 stars instead of 5 because this game dont have exit button, you cannot exit by press back button and no settings

Nice design and very funny battle game it’s. I enjoy it and play when I get free time. thank you for this game.

Overall a good game, fun. But how to get token? What does it mean to get duplicate roles?

very good game it needs pvp arena to fight other players and it will be the best three kingdom mobile game

Love the game, good job, make rhis game online pls, so that will be lively, give us more gift 2 like gold n wine. Make the ads work 2, it didnt work sometime, thx

Easy game and fun! Relaxing game.

Fun game to play but how to get iron for forging equipment?
  • tinyStar
  • Thank you for playing, the enemy equied equipment will drop fine iron in Musou mode,hope you have a fun time
Too stingy on the coins…
  • tinyStar
  • you can battle in the old map, to levelup and drop the coin and wine, and it has the 20% rate to Material vehicle system, that can definitely get coins

Latest Update :

1.Fix the problem that fine iron cannot be dropped
2.Fix the display error of the battle interface
3.Increase 2x speed battle playback
4.Increase the number of ‘QunYingGe’ challenges

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