Color Hockey – Unlock new formations to boost your game

[Game] Color Hockey

Color Hockey

Here you’ll find all the attributes of the impeccable air hockey multiplayer game.

Start playing against competitive opponents from easy to hard mode. Choose your favorite glow map from four different challenging hockey maps, get skilled to win the battles. Completely free to play, easy to start and hard to be the Hockey Master!


Colorful neon glow graphics
4 selectable glow innovative hockey play maps
Impeccable game play to please you everywhere
Realistic hockey physics
Challenging sport game on your android phone or tablet
Fantastic sound effect
Responsive gameplay with nice animation effects
Unlock new formations to boost your game

Download the game in Google Store now, you will enjoy never ending fun in Color Hockey!

Color Hockey user reviews :

@Rolf Charles Graeber Are you mad. Why you seeing the physics in games. The games are for fun, time pass and so. Not for doing physics. If you want a game with perfect physics. So you should create a game with your physics.. This game is Awesome and interesting. But the only problem is it has very limited skins and with low coins. And Also too many ads. Please fix this issue.

Ads….ads…ads….ads so annoying too many ADS! Can’t enjoy this game like literally after 1 game at least 1 or 2 ads would pop up unexpectedly! (about 98.9% of times after I play one game ad(s) would pop up) SO ANNOYING ! Should fix this bug . This s***** problem has been going on for very long. Please do not download this app you can’t enjoy it proplely. At least glow hockey can do better. I would rather play glow hockey rather than this game.Sometimes after an ad ,my screen would freeze.

There’s actually so ads it’s actually annoying. as soon as I open the game the first thing I see is an ad. it’s an okay game if there wasn’t so many ads. 5 out of 10 would recommend.

The game is good, but the ads are insane. 30 seconds unskipable ads, seriously? Not to mention you can’t get stars from watching videos because “connection is constantly lost”.

I like this game a LOT you can play online and get skins and play with it when you battle. Also there is a hockey Z and it really cool. The reason I removed 1 star because this app is PACKED WITH ADS,So many ads that when I quit,when I enter something an ad comes up

The game is good, but there are way too many ads. If you even pause, it gives you like 5 ads. If you fix this, then maybe I’ll change my mind.

it was cool you could get awesome skins and cool balls but the gameplay is fun to so 10 out of 10 recommend this is a real review so um yeah good game but I wish that I knew a way to change the opponent’s skin but whatever.

This game is very fun.But too many ads when you pause the game it would always put an ad. It’s fun also because you get stars really quick.

Really nice game. There is a glitch in Hockey Z. Unable to resume game after viewing a video and spending 3 diamonds. Please check on this.

OK….This game is fun it has 2 games in one.The only thing wrong with it is the 3 one jas not came out. All in all tje game is very fun and me and my sister and my cousin love is you can go online to play.And there is four settings for you other player on a 1player game. yup its very fun ok get it now

very good game, enjoy the difficulty aspect, not to easy nor to hard so all in all a very good game. only criticism would be the ads

I played it before in my talbet but it was gone.I going to play again but with my phone . I never play hockey before in my whole life because I never play sports because I always get tried. I love colors. I never heard color hockey. I really like to play it. I love pink and yellow and green.

I rate this game 4 stars becz sometimes it gets stuck by the way its optional for u i recomend u to play this game if u are bored u can play it its nice time passer u should play this!!

its awesome and great for timepass. i love how we can play online,one player and 2 player game.i love it.

you should realy put a line were the blocks can not pass on he seccond mode please fix this. oher than that it is perfectly fine

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