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Color PaletteA palette is a collection of colors, i.e. hues and their shades.

The color palette has been designed with colors that work harmoniously with each other.

Color Palette allows developers and programmers to get their required color code on the go. With this application, you can explore, create, save and extract the color codes from Images.

Material Design
The application is beautifully designed with material design rules. The app has a clean and modern look which lets you feel comfortable while using.

Dark Theme
Improves visibility for users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright light.

Create Solid Colors
The app allows you to create custom solid colors. You can generate an infinite number of colors using the app with simple UI.

Create Gradient Colors
Gradient color is where one color gradually fades and changes to the other color that produces a three-dimensional color look. The app allows you to create custom gradients.
The color palette also includes various gradient colors with a color code.

Extract Colors
With this app, you can extract the colors from any image and copy the color codes to the clipboard.

Saved Colors
Save your favorite solid colors or gradient colors simply by long pressing on any color card.

Color Palette user reviews :

I have looked long and hard for an app that “has it all” instead of using 7 different apps. Super quick and easy, no ads. I now have a pallet of 300 colors, and my painting has never been easier. Best and most detailed color extractor on the Play Store. Overall, it’s a great app. Thank you so much.

It is impossible to work with this application without operating manual: a graphically (too) simple, but absolutely incomprehensible interface. I don’t have time to experimentally understand how it all works. I tried, failed, so only one star. Developer can provide the app by manual, or short teaching video. May be it is very nice app.. but who knows how it works?

  • Hey grigory, we have help section in the settings screen which you can understand using the app. Thank you

Wonderful and straightforward. Really friendly UI/UX overall. It would be nice to be able to use a temporary photo, taken from within the app, in multiple “modules” that the app already provides. Overall a near-perfect app right from the word ‘go’ in my opinion with many thoughtful touches. Will consider purchasing if I make heavy use of it.

Works pretty well, it’s an app I’d use only a few times. I’d probably pay up to £1 for, not really any more. Perhaps if there were extra functions such as cutting down the number of colours in the palette, exporting the hex or rgb values to file/email. As it is I saved a couple of palettes, but have no idea where they are. I’ll maybe check it out again in 6 months or so. #potential *update* I found the saved palette – but I still want to export it. Make it happen developers

  • Dear user we value your feedback. Please expect your requested feature in upcoming updates.

The app design is very good, minimal and satisfying. But something is missing, what about how we can make our own custom color palettes/schemes. The saved palettes section doesn’t make sense. Anyways, very good font choice and layout design. 1 star is still missing, it’s the custom color palette. Appreciations

  • Dear user, Thanks for the valuable feedback. We’ll add that feature in upcoming updates

Overall, I like this app. It’s so clean & simple looking. I would really love it if you could just click on the preset colors to edit\tweak them then add it to a pallette. I also find the RGB slide color picker to be frustrating. It takes me forever to get the color I’m after. I find the easiest color picker is where you slide to your main hue then use the color map to adjust the chroma\saturation. Cant edit harmonic color palettes either. CMYK would be a plus!

I hope they remove intrusive ads that pops out of nowhere u see on mediocre apps. They can just put it somewhere but it’s just annoying because it breaks momentum when you’re working on something. But the app itself is really great and UI is very modern (supports dark mode) and clean.

  • Thank you for your valuable feedback. Dear user you can remove ads by purchasing the app through In app purchase in settings screen

Definitely the best color based app in existence. Trying to determine a color from your own image or a reference photo is a perfectly flawless experience. Creating a pallette for whatever your needs require, is not a time consuming issue anymore. I’d give it 10 stars if possible. Highly recommended this app.

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