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[Game] Conceptis Sym-a-Pix

Conceptis Sym-a-Pix  Sym-a-Pix are exciting logic puzzles that form whimsical pixel-art pictures when solved.

Challenging, deductive and artistic, this original Japanese invention offers the ultimate mix of logic, art and fun while providing solvers with many hours of mentally stimulating entertainment.

Each puzzle consists of a grid containing dots in various places. The object is to reveal a hidden picture by drawing a block around each dot according to the rules.‎

The game features a unique fingertip cursor which enables playing large puzzle grids with ease and precision: to draw a wall, move cursor to the desired location and tap anywhere on the screen. To draw multiple walls, press and hold fingertip until the wall is drawn and start dragging to neighboring walls.

To help see the puzzle progress, graphic previews in the puzzle list show the progress of all puzzles in a volume as they are being solved. A Gallery view option provides these previews in a larger format.

For more fun, Conceptis Sym-a-Pix includes a Weekly Bonus section providing an extra free puzzle each week.


42 free Sym-a-Pix puzzles in Basic Logic and Advanced Logic
8 extra-large puzzles bonus for tablet only
Extra bonus puzzle published free each week
Puzzle library continuously updates with new content
Manually created by artists, top quality puzzles
Unique solution for each puzzle
Grid sizes up to 50×75 (65×100 for tablet)
Multiple difficulty levels
Hours of intellectual challenge and fun
Sharpens logic and improves cognitive skills


Exclusive fingertip cursor design for solving large puzzles
Concurrently playing and saving multiple puzzles
Puzzle library sorting and hiding options
Graphic previews showing puzzles progress as they are being solved
Portrait and landscape screen support (tablet only)
Unlimited Undo and Redo
Auto-solve starting points option
Auto-complete symmetrical walls option
Error checking option when a block is completed
Check puzzle
Track puzzle solving time
Backup & restore puzzle progress to Google Drive


Sym-a-Pix have also become popular under other names such as Tentai Show, Galaxies and Artist Block. Similar to Picross, Nonogram and Griddlers, the puzzles are solved and the pictures revealed using logic alone. All puzzles in this app are produced by Conceptis Ltd. – the leading supplier of logic puzzles to printed and electronic gaming media all over the world. On average, more than 20 million Conceptis puzzles are solved each day in newspapers, magazines, books and online as well as on smartphones and tablets across the world.

Conceptis Sym-a-Pix user reviews :

The cursor is the dumbest thing ever Simple as that. Either let people change the controls or have the base controls not be the cursor Please change this, I’ve seen other people complaining, it’s not just me!

Even though, Sym-a-Pix is my favorite of the conceptis games. I have to give a 1 star for the mobile app because the cursor is the worst control system for playing. I was expecting the controls to just be tapping like everyother game in your library. In fact, I downloaded Slitherlinks just to see if that had the cursor. Nope, that game you can just tap and you get the expected lines and x’s. So why can’t the Slitherlinks controls be applied to this game?
  • Conceptis Ltd.
  • The reason Sym-a-Pix controls are designed this way is to enable playing very large puzzles. We are looking into this issue, and will probably release an update with direct-touch controls later on.
Really fun game, the controls drive me insane though. Why not just do like, a double tap for a solid line? Having to move the cursor is really annoying and it keeps erasing the line when i try to move it. Please fix it.
  • Conceptis Ltd.
  • I’m afraid your question isn’t clear. What do you mean by “double tap for a solid line”? Please send us an email to support[at]conceptispuzzles with more explanations so we can look into this suggestion

Really love the app. Only issue is it’s too easy to zoom when you want to move the board and vice versa. Maybe implement zoom in/out buttons instead of pinch-to-zoom

Excellent puzzle game! Very challenging and satisfying when the picture comes into view while solving. ALL Conceptis puzzles are fantastic and fun.

I love this app and love how easy it to use this app. This app controls is so easy for one handed playing it makes you want to play more! Thanks for this game!

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