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ConscientConscient is a very simple automation app that lets you launch certain apps whenever certain conditions are met.

In Conscient, it is called Fences.

You can assign a complex context like Walking or Running and have your favorite app launch automatically.

Some of the possible Fences you can achieve are:
When Headphones Plugged and Walking open Music app.
When In car, show a notification to navigate to work/home.
When Running and Headphones Plugged open fitness app.

and much more.

What makes Conscient special?

Conscient uses Google’s Awareness API, which is an advanced set of tools to detect user activity with very minimal battery drain. Conscient leverages this powerful API and provides you a simple interface to let you automate basic functions in your phone.

Consciet is designed to be battery efficient and it does not itself run in background, but relies on Google Services to detect contexts.

Ability to set up actions to perform like opening an app or shortcut when a context is detected.
You can choose from combinations of following contexts Headset plugged/unplugged, walking, running, in vehicle, on bicycle. There are combinations as well like Headset Plugged and Running.

Pro upgrade
Conscient features itself are not limited, but in the free version, you can create a maximum of 3 Fences. Upgrading to Pro version in app will grant you ability to create unlimited Fences.

Planned features
More context like location and time are planned.

If you enjoy the app, please leave a rating here to let others know! Also you can share link to download Conscient to your friends by clickinh share in navigation drawer. Suggestions and criticisms most welcome!

Conscient user reviews :

Simple Automation done right A very simple and effective automation tool using Google’s fancy awareness API. Simpler than Tasker which can be used in line with this application but I find that too cumbersome to use. Well done developer and I will definitely purchase the full version.
  • Arunkumar August 25, 2016
  • Hi Peter. Thank you very much for the review and for unlocking. Glad you are liking it, and I plan to keep it simple like it is now
Can we add context with launching of an application? Like to switch on data when we open messaging apps/ browser.
  • Arunkumar August 25, 2016
  • Thanks for the review! At the moment, I do not plan on adding launching apps as a context due to technical issues, but more contexts like locations are planned. Enjoy!

Elegant simplicity. Looking forward to future enhancements. Suggestion: Bluetooth headsets don’t plug in. Separate headset trigger for Bluetooth. Thanks

So far it’s been fun to mess with. Let’s see what the up updates bring us
  • Arunkumar August 25, 2016
  • Hi Beto. Thanks for the review. Interesting features planned

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