Cooking Aquarium – A mysterious world waiting to be explored

[Game] Cooking Aquarium – A Star Chef

Cooking AquariumEmbark on an endless aquarium cooking journey – a mysterious world waiting to be explored.
Welcome to Cooking Aquarium – A Star Chef, engaging cooking games with simple gameplay but endless fun.

Have you ever imagined dining on delectable dishes while submerged beneath the surface of the water, surrounded by coral reefs and tiny fish?
Discover the amazing setting of Cooking Aquarium while dining at a distinctive network of undersea restaurants!

Choose a restaurant: You’ll have access to a few basic restaurants at the start of the game. As you progress, new restaurants with various cuisines and themes will become available to you.

Prepare dishes: Customers will order meals from the menu, and it’s your job to prepare and serve them. You’ll need to chop ingredients, cook food on the stove or grill, and assemble the dishes. Be quick and efficient, as guests will become impatient to eat if you take too long.

Upgrade your equipment and ingredients: You can upgrade your equipment and ingredients as you earn money. This will allow you to prepare delicious meals for diners more quickly and earn more money. You can also add new recipes to your menu by purchasing them.

Complete objectives: Each level has objectives that you need to complete, such as serving a certain number of customers or earning a certain amount of money. Completing these objectives will earn you stars, which will unlock new levels.

Use boosters: You can use boosters, such as extra time or double income, to help you complete levels more easily. These boosters can be purchased with coins or gems, which can be earned through gameplay or bought with real money in this terrific kitchen


Underwater setting and interacting with sea creatures: The underwater setting offers a unique and visually stunning environment for players to explore. Meeting various sea creatures , adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to the kitchen game.

Wide variety of restaurants: Chefs can choose from a number of restaurants with different themes and cuisines, each with its own unique delectable menu and challenges.

Plenty of yummy food: Burger, pizza, hotdog, french fries, sushi, king crab, lobster, beefsteak, ramen noodle, takoyaki, bento, ice cream, chicken, fast food, tea, wine, coffee, sweet cake,… These dishes are not only delectably cooked but also beautifully presented

Seafood cuisine: Make a variety of tasty seafood dishes, which can be different from other cooking games that focus on land-based cuisine.

️ Daily and weekly events: “Cooking Aquarium” regularly holds events that offer special rewards for players who participate.

Play exciting moments with “Cooking Aquarium – A Star Chef” today!

Cooking Aquarium user reviews :

This would be a fun game but the release of the food sticks causing you to keep tapping for the release. Then because you have the sticky release, you have customers leave. This is not an issue with my other cooking games. I might have to uninstall it again.

  • We always try to bring the most pleasant experience for users. We did hope to bring the game equally challenging and interesting for everyone! In the future, we will update new and better versions. Stay tune!!!

Lot of fun and frankly watching a few ads to avoid paying out of pocket for around 20 seconds max a piece (some only 5 seconds) gives my fingers a break from this fast-paced addictive game.

The game is fun, I actually really enjoyed it, the underwater theme is great and it has an awesome premise. There are just a few things that I think should be looked at and potentially fixed in the next update. I noticed that after watching videos, the theme music disappears and only comes back if you exit and reopen the game. Also, I thought the makers should know that for some reason, the game not only drains my phone’s battery really fast but also makes it super hot. I hope this helps things.

  • Hi Chef! We appreciate your feedback and continuously fixing your problem to give you a better experience with Cooking Aquarium, so let’s await! Stay tune

It’s a fun game. On level 1. The bbq & mustard cups shouldnt both be blue tho. Similar to pizza turbo series. Also fun.

  • Load up with your favorite ingredients, add a squeeze of messiness and finish off with a pinch of weirdness. Time to let your guest have a bite! Was it a winner? Good luck to you and thank you very much again for your rate

I love this game. It keeps your mind and fingers working. Loads of run. I’m so glad I downloaded it.great job

  • Thank you very much. Do you love a little bit of a thrill in your cooking game? Keep up with the rush hours, become better at time management. Let’s have fun with this cooking game, which offers endless exciting levels with challenging missions set up in each level. All the best for you, Chef.

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