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CoPilot GPSBuilt for you, the driver. Whether you are behind the wheel of a car, a professional truck driver with profits tied to your time on the road or an RVer exploring the country – CoPilot has got you covered.

Trusted by millions of drivers globally and many of the world’s leading delivery fleets, CoPilot GPS is designed to meet the needs of all driver and vehicle types to help you safely navigate the roads. Let us help make it productive and enjoyable.

Includes 14 days FREE voice-guided offline navigation, route planning and traffic. Try the app without any commitment and if you like it, you can subscribe at anytime.

Keep out of trouble by avoiding low bridges and truck-restricted roads with PC*MILER routing
Driver-friendly non-distracting guidance in cab, so you can concentrate on the road
Plan trips that are optimized for your vehicle and load
Save money avoiding fines, out-of-route mileage and reduce fuel usage
Deliver on time and get precise ETAs with real-time traffic

Find your best way with a choice of up to 3 routes
Drive confidently without a mobile signal with automotive-grade offline maps
Discover what’s around you with millions of pre-loaded Places
Avoid delays with real-time traffic and automatic rerouting around congestion*
Explore any place, anywhere, in any way with maps of the world**

Routes and directions designed for RVs based on your vehicle size
Never get stranded again with reliable offline maps
Search millions of preloaded Places including campgrounds and rest areas
Know your turn ahead of time with lane indicator arrows & exit sign information

For detailed map coverage, check out

STAY CONNECTED | Twitter: @copilotgps

Requires a mobile internet connection
Requires additional map upgrade

To find out more about the maximum dimensions for your RV navigation, visit our support center (height 14ft, width 102in, total length 45ft, weight 26,000lbs).

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

CoPilot GPS user reviews :

A superb piece of software that can navigate, pretty much, anywhere in the world without encroaching on data usage. Very useful for finding fuel stations, restaurants, etc. The only change I would recommend is for “nearest” restaurant etc. could be change to nearest in direction of travel. A fuel station 15 miles in the right direction is better than one 7 miles back…

This used to be a great app but it’s slowly become unreliable, every update just seems to make it worse. It really excelled itself on one journey when it suddenly decided I had reached my destination half way down a dual carriageway, luckily I had a vague idea the route I needed to take and managed without Copilot. I seems to do better in cities, I wouldn’t trust it at all on rural roads.

  • Hi Jane, Sorry to hear this? We would like to fix this. Can you please write to us at so that we can help you better. We look forward to your email. Thank you!

App is intalled on Platform Science in cab system. This application is lacking many features. For instance, user input should be granted to save address, or point of interest. Map features are poor to say the least. It should have options to move destination points, add fuel stations. It should coordinate with Pilot Fuel, Petro, Love’s, store locator. It should have overpass heights. Address book is not up to date.

  • Hi and thanks for your review. Sorry to hear about this, however we do not support the use of CoPilot on any other devices apart from Smartphones or Tablets at the moment. Please get in touch with our customer support team if you have any further questions via: Thank you!

It’s not a bad app. Just can’t see paying for subscription when you really only gain the RV routing which with careful planning, you can do the same. Additionally, there is no support for Android Auto and Carplay and still have to use the phone to use the app. If it had AA and Carplay support I might consider keeping.

  • Hi Mike, Thanks for your recent review. If you have any further suggestions or any questions, please do get in touch with our support team: Thanks so much!

Gave copilot a one star rating a couple of years ago. Just tried it again and I’m giving the app a 4 star rating. Would have got 5 stars but it lags slightly on start up and initially it got confused as to which way I was going. The good points are the mapping is great and the speed camera warnings are the best I’ve used. Would I recommend this app. Yes indeed. Its excellent

  • This doesn’t seem right. We want to take a closer look at this for you. Please send a note to so we can connect.

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